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Elizabeth Alvarez reappears and gives an announcement

  • Elizabeth Alvarez had taken a break from acting after her latest project.
  • Jorge Salinas’ wife reappeared and left an announcement for her followers.
  • Elizabeth also posted a photo that sparked reactions.

The actress had taken a break from social media for a few days after sharing how she got through 2023 as a family, as well as acting after her latest project.

Through his Instagram profile, Elizabeth Alvarez reappeared with a message in which he mentioned, I came back after a few days off. I started writing.

And he added to his message that this new year more work awaits him, after he returned to acting in the telenovela “La Herencia” with Michel Reynaud and Matias Novoa, so he will continue his work as an actress, “I recharged the batteries to work hard next year with everything, so with all the attitude, to work.”was the advertisement made by the actress.

Along with a photo in which she appears determined to continue her work in 2023, netizens commented, “With your head held high because you are a beautiful lady”, “Woman, don’t let yourself fall”, “Beautiful will be the year of total success for you.”

Elizabeth Alvarez reappears and makes an announcement on social networks
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