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Review: "Avatar: The Way of the Water" is an unforgettable full cinematic experience

Review: “Avatar: The Way of the Water” is an unforgettable full cinematic experience

No modern film director has perfect cinematography. However, oddly enough, there was no doubt about it James Cameron It could create an amazing sequel to “Avatar”. with “Avatar: The Way of Water” The director of “Aliens” and “Terminator 2” has created another sequel that vastly surpasses everything that made the original a phenomenon.

Feature film from Twentieth Century Studios, which Premieres in theaters in Puerto Rico on Thursday, is an unforgettable complete cinematic experience. Few contemporary directors know how to exploit the emotional core of their films alongside visuals designed to dazzle and unnerve the viewer. In this film, Cameron manages to do this for three hours and fifteen minutes. There is not a single frame that is not a work of art And not a single moment in the plot where the entertainment and dramatic pulse of the production would be intangible and exciting to the viewer.

The other thing to highlight is that in a blockbuster, with 3,350 special effects, the film’s most effective resource is the script that builds the show around an emotional core that allows the plot to have indisputable universal value. A recurring complaint with Cameron’s films is how the director uses a simple plot and focuses on audiovisual suggestion. “Titanic” It is usually dismissed as Romeo and Juliet in a Boat and the first “Avatar” As a variation of “Pocahontas” with elements of fantasy and science fiction. In “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Cameron tackles the topic of how humans underestimate nature and relates it to the inner struggles of the family core of the first film’s protagonists.

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The first section of the sequel tells how, after the events of the first film, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) They threw themselves entirely into a family life, with four children. When three of these reach their teens, the humans return to Pandora with a more aggressive mission to colonize the planet. This brings heroes from the forests of Pandora to seek sanctuary with the Na’vi communities that live in the planet’s oceans.

The main plot of the film alternates between showing how a violent clash between the Sullys and humans, once again led by an antagonist played by Stephen Lang, will be inevitable and how the new generation of the family learns to value and connect with the ecosystem of the Pandora water bodies. A simple yet effective dramatic structure that serves as the starting point for an epic audiovisual spectacle. This does not mean that for some secondary stories, The script is based on conventions that have been used over and over in TV series. characters conveniently brought to life to recreate the first film’s conflict; also The secret pregnancy of another character Which leaves loose ends for the next luxuries. This isn’t on par with the rest of the movie, but it doesn’t detract from what James Cameron has accomplished in this sequel.

The poetry of the visuals is something that is present throughout all sections of this movie, as is the director’s ability to generate visceral spectacle that reaffirms the power of watching epic epics on the big screen.

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