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Result, summary and goals of the English Premier League match

Result, summary and goals of the English Premier League match

On touch, sometimes close to the possession record Premier League (86 percent) and with “Guardiolismo” reaching its highest levels Manchester city Finalizing a 2023 is historic Great win over Sheffield UnitedDefeated 2-0 With many Rodri Hernandez And based on Julian Alvarez This helped the “Citizen” put itself two points behind the leaders Liverpool.

After an incredible 2023, City had one game left to wrap up the year and serve Another greeting to his fans. On the field, he showed off his five new titles (UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Premier League and Club World Cup) to show off muscles before facing off against a perfect rival for their annual CV and send them off with a good football party.

Manchester City ends a year full of success.

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They have the second-highest scoring teams in the history of the English Premier League after the first 19 days. Sheffield United, bottom of the table with 47 goals, just three fewer than Burnley in the 1990s, were a good hunting ground for men. Pep Guardiolawhich was also his Kevin De Bruyne on the bench After missing months due to a hamstring injury.

So the scenario seemed perfect. Party and celebrate for another year. It was a good story to conclude a near-perfect year and start 2024 from scratch and as close to leaders Liverpool as possible. he Manchester City could end 2023 two points ahead of Jurgen Klopp's side With this idea, he jumped into the field forcefully.


Kevin De Bruyne, another good news for Pep Guardiola.

Dave Thompson/La Presse

Manchester City, too much for Sheffield United

For the first 40 minutes, he abused Sheffield, who did not smell the ball and were at times on the verge of receiving the dubious honor of being an underdog team. He broke the record for possessions in a Premier League match. In various departments, City broke Liverpool's record (86 percent) and Sheffield saved the first ball of the match with a stretch at the end of the first term to bring down the 'Citizen's' statistics to sub-stratospheric figures.

At the time, Guardiola's side were completely dominant, and the truth is there were only three occasions. one of Julian Alvarez In the beginning (a shot came close to the post). Goal by Rodri Herandez Twenty minutes later and the subsequent attempt Bernard Silva Which met with the saving hand of Fotheringay.

Only Rodri struck on target, who came up with a stunning drive from the back that culminated in a shot from outside the area, unlocking Sheffield and allowing his teammates to play with less anxiety. It was his Eighth as much in a calendar year. Another example of a fantastic year for the Spanish midfielder, a regular in Pep Guardiola's team, who always loses out when Rodri is out of the squad due to injury or suspension.

City's mastery, which was crowned by Rodri's goal, collapsed in the last five minutes of the first half, as Sheffield woke up and managed in only two consecutive matches to equalize. Osula shined in both. The first, with a shot at Bogle's center from the right side, was blocked by Akanji at the last minute. The second was in the corner that followed his first attempt with a header that ended in Ederson's hands.

Sheffield's growth spurt was a mirage. He never tasted the target so close again. City did not allow this, and Guardiola made a change at the beginning of the second half, and gave the final touch that decided the match. Grealish came out, Pope came in, and the second goal came on a play that started the second. Pope cleared the pass between the lines to Foden, who in turn crossed it Julian Alvarez The Argentine striker concluded the match in the 61st minute with a shot as he wished.

And here the shock is over, the only thing left is to know how the party will end. More goals, more possession, more dominance or more of anything positive could have fallen for Manchester City. The player was not even expected to be at the bottom after the penalty was over. The party continued with good football. City did not take their foot off the accelerator, nor did they stop pressingFoden was able to score with two efforts saved by Fotheringay, and the end of the encounter helped end an amazing year for City in the best way possible: with the sweet taste of victory and with Oasis' 'Wonderwall' playing over the goal. Operating the public address system Etihad Stadium Is there a better ending? Maybe not.

Manchester City vs Sheffield United: minute by minute of the English Premier League match

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