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Cruz Azul: This will be Anselme's first of 11 matches against Atlante

Cruz Azul: This will be Anselme's first of 11 matches against Atlante

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Martin Anselme will field his first XI in the friendly match on Sunday, ahead of Cruz Azul's debut in the 2024 CCL.

© Jaime Nogales / Jam MediaAnselmi will make his first 11 films.

Martin Anselmi is already preparing his first squad for the 2024 season finale. And for once The victims the team will have identified have been identified For the next tournament as well Confirmation of the first reinforcements The Argentine will now be able to rely on the base that will compete in his first tournament.

La Machina will play their second friendly match of the pre-season This Sunday, December 31, but the first with Rosario is a strategist ahead. Will be Atlantica team from the MX Expansion League, the competitor who The 38-year-old makes his first 11 appearances.

We must remember that until now, Blue cross A total of eight victims have already been recorded It was just presented Three of the five boosts will already be guaranteed: Gonzalo Pioffi, Camilo Candido and Gabriel Fernandez. It will still be necessary to confirm Kevin Mayer and Lorenzo Faravelli, Who already reported in La Noria.

In this way, he can be both a goalkeeper and a midfielder Only reinforcements don't appear In the first lineup Martin Anselmi. Well, while I wait for the helmsman's decision, I can leave them on the bench and Try them for just a few minutes on the court.

This could be the Cruz Azul lineup

Thus, due to the departure of Sebastian Jurado, Andres Godino He could start in goal against the Colts. The defense can start consolidating with a new line of 4Which distinguished Dr.'s planMartin Anselmi: with Gonzalo Pioffi and Wiler Ditta are in the defensive positions, and Camilo Candido and captain Juan Escobar are in the full-back position.

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in the midfield, Eric Lira It will start as a contain, accompanied by Charlie Rodriguez and Ignacio Rivero In the midfield. While they will remain extremists Uriel Antuna and Rodolfo Rotoni. finally, Gabriel Fernandez He could get his first chance as a striker, At least in this Test match.

The two major absentees in Anselme 11

from here, Two players who were key players In the heavenly process, they could sit on the bench for this first game Martin Anselmi. It's about Rodrigo Huesca and Angel Sepulveda, Both are undisputed starters until Apertura 2023, the former as a winger in the traditional 5-man line-up and the first-choice starter. Second as a scorer.