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Report their split from Grupo Firme: Johnny Kaz appears alone at the party and sends a strong message

Report their split from Grupo Firme: Johnny Kaz appears alone at the party and sends a strong message

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Mexico City. – During the afternoon of Saturday, June 25th Johnny Kaz He performed at a concert without the company of his famous brother, Edwin Kazeand immediately rumors began to surface that the future of fixed group It will be at risk of separation. In an exclusive interview with the program Come Joy: WeekendTranslator 29 year He stood in the face of speculation and sent a powerful message.

Yesterday Johnny was crowned as the 44th gay king LGBTTIQ + Pride March She gave a free concert in Zócalo from CDMX, because he is known as an ambassador for the rights of this community. In December 2020, the singer openly announced that he is gay during an interview with his brother Edwin and admitted that he is in a relationship with another man, leaving his fans speechless.

Johnny is engaged to a young man named Jonathan Bencomo, with whom he has been in a relationship for 5 years and asked him to marry her last year during one of his parties. The band from Sinaloa State was performing the song The world is under your feet. Pincomo rose to the stage and knelt before her famous boyfriend, who immediately said “yes” and sealed his promise of love with a kiss.

Source: Instagram @jhonny_caz

Before going up on stage yesterday afternoon, Reporters from VLA: Weekend They approached the third voice of the Mexican regional Phenomena to ask him if it was true that they broke up and he flatly denied it. In the first place, he stressed that his famous brother, who is the main voice of Grupo Firme, was very intense pleased He was taking part in the Gay Pride festivities.

He is happy with life, he is “Send me pictures, what are you doing?” , he wants me to tell him all the details and I, not a gossip, tell him all that’s going on,” the beginning.

Source: Internet

Later, Johnny was directly questioned if he was planning to leave Grupo Firme to seek to start his solo career, and thus he replied, “No, no and no. I don’t see myself on stage without my brothers.” Similarly, reporters asked the singer if he thought Eduin could leave the band and he categorically denied it: “No, I don’t think so, of course not,” Kaz explained.

Likewise the young singer of songs like skip meAnd the tiger gold s toxic He said he does not like to sing alone on stage, and said how he felt about being a soloist at the event: “I definitely miss my brothers, my brothers make me strong, one of them used to share these beautiful moments with my colleagues with my brothers, but I received messages from them all day long. In the end, Johnny said he had no quarrel with Edwin as everyone thought.

It’s just children’s fights, thank God, we have a lot of connections and a relationship of great respect and that’s what makes us get along so well.”

Source: Tribune and Instagram @vengalaalegriatva

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