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Ben Affleck's youngest son took advantage of his father's neglect and ended up destroying a Lamborghini

Ben Affleck’s youngest son took advantage of his father’s neglect and ended up destroying a Lamborghini

An intriguing fact starring his 10-year-old son put American actor Ben Affleck in trouble this weekend, as he searched for exotic cars at a luxury dealership in Las Vegas, Nevada, after causing a crash that, fortunately, did not. Leave people untouched.

According to the portal specialized in celebrity news TMZAnd the The event took place at 777 Exotics – Luxury Car Rental where Ben accompanied his youngest son, Samuel Garner Affleck, and his new wife, Jennifer Lopez, in search of a car to rent during their stay in the city that never sleeps.

Apparently, Samuel Garner Affleck, the artist’s youngest son – famous for playing characters like Batman-He took advantage of his father’s supervision to jump into the driver’s seat and Playing with the car’s buttons and levers, he activated reverse while the engine was running, which is why he moved backwards.

The car that Ben Affleck’s son was in, A yellow Lamborghini collided with a white BMW, It also appears in the pictures published by this portal. Although he managed to stop it before he got too old.

Ben Affleck and his son Samuel Garner Photo: TMZ

In a video from TMZ You can see that it looks like the luxury car’s passenger rear bumper has contacted the BMW front wheel and possibly the bumper. After what happened, Sam quickly jumped in the back to see what had happened.

According to this post, Ben Affleck’s representative said there was no harm and everyone is thankfully fine. However, an employee at 777 Exotics confirmed it There was no communication and the two cars were parked close to each other.

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However, this latest version does not explain why Samuel, his father, and Jennifer Lopez checked both cars to check if something serious had happened. In the photos, Ben and his wife are seen worried about what happened and talking to the staff of this luxury car rental venue.

Jennifer Lopez dedicated a heartfelt message to Ben Affleck

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez used Father’s Day to congratulate To his partner, actor Ben Affleck, through his social networks, especially Instagram.

In the photos shared by JLo, celebrities are seen sharing family moments, but subtitled Argus You can see his paternal side, not only with the three children he had with Jennifer Garner, but also with the twins Lopez had with singer Marc Anthony.

Happy Father’s Day to the most caring, loving, affectionate, steadfast and selfless father ever, Jennifer Lopez told more than 215 million followers on the social network.

The Mail Already nearly three million “likes”, and about 25 thousand comments from netizens congratulate the actor and A love affair reborn 20 years after their first relationship.

Likewise the singer Let’s get loud He also did the same with his father David Lopez, She thanked him for accompanying her in the most difficult moments of her career. Plus, she remembered a sentimental phrase left to her by her father as a life lesson: “There is someone in the world who doesn’t want anything from you, they just want to love you and be there for you. You own this.” The actress and producer also recalls.

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