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Report on changes in the sale of liquefied gas in Cuba

Report on changes in the sale of liquefied gas in Cuba

The Liquefied Gas Company has published an information note regarding forms of payment for LPG cylinders.

“Taking into account the criteria set by the population, it has been decided to cancel priority for customers who decide to pay electronically for LPG cylinders at points of sale,” they said in the text published on their official channels.

According to the information displayed, “they will respect the access order”.

Likewise, they informed that “the method of payment for the LPG cylinder will be optional, through Transfermóvil portal or cash.”

“Next Saturday, August 12th, we will be selling LPG for both electronic and cash payment methods,” added.

And when they were asked whether the cash payment was abolished in the purchase and sale of goods and services, they explained that it “was not abolished.”

“It is a gradual process aimed at reducing its use. Money does not disappear. They emphasized that the measures aim to encourage the use of electronic payment methods and channels.

“Excellent reflection. Thank you very much for listening to people. So should the rest of the companies. Without imposing payment terms, ”Teresa Morales wrote.

“Very happy. Finally, a government entity that solves people’s problems by listening to them without creating new problems that cause discontent,” said Yenisei Alfonso.

Selling liquefied gas in Cuba

The company explained that “the sale of the 4-cylinder is kept to the transporters who pay for the Transfermóvil”.

“They will not benefit anyone, but on the contrary, they will create frustration by removing the advantages of electronic payments,” said one of the clients who responded to him: “We will continue to work to increase our services, but without harming or causing dissatisfaction for the majority.”

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They also reported that they have no virtual page service and do not do sales through CUPET Street. They said: “Payment is made by Transfermóvil as soon as you arrive at the point of sale.”