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Rene Llorente sues Carol G for plagiarism on “Don’t Be Ashamed” with DJ Tiesto

Rene Llorente sues Carol G for plagiarism on “Don’t Be Ashamed” with DJ Tiesto

A new scandal tarnishes the success of “La Pichota”, which is said to be demonic. Carol J. He has a lawsuit against him, because he’s Cuban Renee Laurenti showed evidence that “La niña de Medellín” plagiarized the music from her song “Algo diferente” to use as the basis for “Don’t Be Shy” with DJ Tiesto.

The news was released on August 29, when it was reported that the aggrieved party had filed a lawsuit against it Carolina Geraldo Navarro Before the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, as determined by the media such as the Puerto Rican newspaper “El Nuevo Día” and the news agency “EFE”.

Rene Llorente, musician and composer, revealed through his legal team the following: “Through a detailed analysis of the musical, lyrical and compositional elements of both songs, it was found that there are undeniable great similarities that go beyond the limits of joint effect or serendipity.

“Something Different” is the song allegedly plagiarized by the duo of Karol G and DJ Tiesto to create “Don’t Be Shy”. He hits It was released worldwide in 2021. When listening to the two songs, the similarity is overwhelming on the musical level, hence the following:

Distinctive melodic elements, harmonic progressions, and harmonic and lyrical structures attest to a direct relationship between the two pieces.

As reported by El Nuevo Día, it is assumed that “in the artistic field, ‘coincidences’ are highly improbable. Therefore, any fully derived similarity is mere plagiarism, copying, plagiarism, infringement of the rights of the copyright holder, or violation of Copyrights.”

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Cuban musician Karol G demands $1 million in lawsuit

René Llorente, former member of the Orchista of Aragon and precocious musician who began his career at just 12 years old, reports that there is “substantial evidence to support allegations of copyright infringement, intellectual theft, unauthorized use and distortion of the work”. Moral and financial damages.

For this reason, Llorente sued Carol J for $3 million in damages, arguing that the unauthorized use of his song “Something Different” as the base riff for “Don’t Be Shy” caused him “mental suffering, humiliation, reputational damage, and embarrassment.” .

Yet, Carol G, who performs a trip “Tomorrow will be beautiful” on the part of the United States, and did not speak about it publicly. It is not known whether the $3 million demanded by Rene Llorente will be a one-time payment or if Tiesto, the co-author of “Don’t Be Ashamed”, will have to pay another amount of money.

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