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El-Shakal’s grandfather died a few months after he arrived in Miami on humane parole

El-Shakal’s grandfather died a few months after he arrived in Miami on humane parole

Ramon, the grandfather of Cuban singer El Chacal, died in Miami after arriving in that city in February on compassionate parole.

news Presented on Networks by Cuban Artists Page which he described as “sad news for all jackal followers”.

“This morning the jackal’s grandfather just passed away. My deepest condolences. Everyone remembers the man El Chacal pulled out of Cuba for humane parole three months ago,” they add.

Facebook / Cuban Artists

The first condolences did not take long.

Popular singer La Diosa commented in a tweet: “Brother, I have no words, I imagine what it must be like now, but God will give you strength. I did everything to be by your side in this great country, hero.” meaningful message on facebook.


He knows how much you love him, and now I just ask God to give you what you need to move on, needless to say he will take care of you forever, Ramon. “Ray, I’m with you in your pain, here we are my friend,” he added.

in february, Ramon arrived in Miami with six other members of the artist’s family.

Her mother, grandparents, aunt, cousin, husband and one of their children arrived in Miami.

A few weeks later, the artist showed on his networks that Ramon was one of the most important people in his life. The singer gave his grandfather a nice surprise by presenting the carpentry that was created in his honor in that city.

With “La Carpintería Martínez,” a place name that also bears his grandfather’s surname, the reggaeton player seeks to keep his legacy and his craft alive.

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Photos of El Chacal and Ramón’s visit to the venue were posted on the company’s Instagram profile.

The man appeared in the video clips admiring all the details and touching the wood, while his grandson followed him with pride and joy reflected on his face.

For the special occasion, the two wore matching white shirts with Ramón’s face on the front, which is also the carpentry shop’s logo, and the Martinez Carpenter brand.

The artist once explained that the business was opened in honor of his grandfather, who raised the entire family as a cabinetmaker-carpenter.