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Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus denounce the threats and pressure from the European Union and defend the creation of the Superliga

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus denounce the threats and pressure from the European Union and defend the creation of the Superliga

Barcelona – Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus launched their attack this Saturday through a joint statement denouncing UEFA’s “pressures and threats” against them due to their commitment to preserving the creation of the European Premier League on the ground and affirming that they feel legitimate by the courts in response to the memorandum I published in The day before is the highest continental body.

UEFA, which was congratulated on the decline of Arsenal, Milan, Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, signed a document under which they were reintegrated into the body, ignoring any adventure aside. He sent a serious warning to the remaining three clubs, and did not rule out taking more disciplinary measures against them if they kept their initial assumptions, which did not take long to be answered by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, considering this within the scope of friendliness. Conversations cannot be jeopardized for the sake of football.

Alexander Ceferin, President of UEFA, warned that the authority would take “all measures it deems appropriate against clubs that have so far refused to resign from the so-called Premier League, and the matter will be referred quickly to the relevant disciplinary authorities.” The member does not rule out that among these. The most difficult measure could be the punishment of clubs defected from European competitions for a period of two years.

The full text shared between the three clubs is as follows:

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“With regard to the statement issued on 7 May by UEFA regarding the Premier League and the position adopted by 9 of its constituent clubs, Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​Juventus de Turin and Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, ​​it states the following: The founding clubs of the Premier League have received – It continues to receive – pressure, threats and crimes to abandon the project, its responsibility and its right to offer solutions to the football ecosystem through concrete proposals resulting from constructive dialogue. This is unacceptable in the state of law, and the courts have already ruled on the Premier League project, FIFA and UEFA have ordered, Categorically, by refraining during the handling of judicial procedures, directly or through their affiliated entities, from implementing any measure that may penalize established clubs or that conflict with the Premier League, thus recognizing the emergence of a good law for the aforementioned initiative. (II) The Super League project is designed in a way. Shared by 12 founding clubs: In order to provide solutions to the unsustainable situation the football family is currently facing; the twelve founding clubs have crossed, in addition to many players in European football , Expressing their deep concern about the current social and economic situation, considering it necessary to carry out structural reforms aimed at ensuring the sustainability of our sport. Therefore, on April 18th, the 12 founding clubs announced their desire to create the Premier League and to establish a channel of communication with UEFA and FIFA, in a constructive and cooperative spirit between the parties, as they were notified of that on that date;

B. Out of the utmost respect for the existing structures of football and its ecosystem; In this sense, the established clubs explicitly agreed that the Premier League will only take place if the said competition is recognized by UEFA and / or FIFA or if, under the applicable legal system, it is recognized as a competition compatible with all purposes with continuity. Clubs established in their respective national championships. However, despite awareness of these conditions, UEFA and FIFA refused to establish any appropriate communication channel; And c. To achieve financial stability for the entire European football family, currently affected by a deep crisis threatening the survival of many clubs; Evidence of this is the Premier League’s commitment to making annual solidarity payments that materially double those offered by UEFA, and the commitment to reinforce the rules for financial sustainability by establishing a clear, transparent and effective oversight system verified by experts. The 12 founding clubs have realized that the Premier League is a unique opportunity to present the best possible show for fans around the world and increase global interest in this sport, which is facing new generations of trends threatening their future. On the other hand, her main goal was to promote women’s football globally, which is a historic opportunity to promote it. (4) We are fully aware of the diversity of reactions, in very different areas, that have been produced by the Premier League initiative, and, therefore, of the need to reflect on the causes that generated these reactions and revisit the proposed approach where necessary. However, we bear a serious responsibility if we are aware of the needs and systemic crisis of the football sector, a circumstance that drove us to announce the Premier League, we have abandoned our mission to provide effective and sustainable solutions and answers to the issues that threaten. the world.

(5) We deeply regret that our friends and founding partners of the Premier League project find themselves mired in an incoherent – and inconsistent – situation after they made some commitments with UEFA yesterday. However, given that the financial problems that prompted the 12 clubs to announce the Premier League a few weeks ago have not gone away, we repeat that, respecting our history, our responsibility to our partners and our fans, for the sake of financial sustainability for the sake of sport and in the interest of football, we have a duty to act responsibly. And perseverance in searching for solutions, despite the unacceptable pressures and threats that we continue to receive from UEFA (6). UEFA and all footballers, as we have done on several occasions since the Premier League was announced, our commitment and firm will to discuss the most appropriate solutions, with due respect, without absolutely unbearable pressure and with respect for the rule of law. For the sustainability of the entire football family. “