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Futsal World Cup: Guatemala-El Salvador

Futsal World Cup: Guatemala-El Salvador

Guatemala qualified for the Futsal World Cup after eliminating El Salvador on penalties (4-3). Chapina’s team returned 0-2 from Azul, who was 39 seconds away from closing her ticket.

He managed to score a 2-2 draw over the latter with El Salvador, winning 1-2 until the last 39 seconds of the indoor soccer World Cup quarter-final match being held in the region’s 13th sports dome. The Central American teams are fighting to win A ticket to the World Cup the way it will be performed in Lithuania between September and October 2021

It would be something historic for Azul in this way, because if they beat the Chapines they would qualify for the World Cup event for the first time. Those led by Juan Carlos Palma in the last three matches have shown that they are ready to take on the challenge. The balance so far is a draw and two victories have given him a ticket to the quarter-finals.

El Salvador’s first goal came in the 18th minute. After a corner kick in Guatemala, El Salvador responded and launched a deadly counterattack with Lysandro Montoya and Rodrigo Contreras in the lead. Montoya won the final squad and cross-ball to close down Contreras who beat Reyes for the first time in Dom.

This was El Salvador’s first goal

After missing twice, El Salvador’s second goal came about 9 minutes into the second half with Eric Martinez blocking a pass from Leandro Montoya on the left.

After the second goal for the Blue, the two-tone team was out of control. Guatemala went to risk everything in its 5-0 plan to spread my attack even more. Faced with this pursuit, the Salvadoran designator took refuge in his district.

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Guatemala claimed its prize six minutes before entering the match. Jose Mancilla scored the opponent after taking advantage of a shot by goalkeeper Oscar Montano after a powerful shot from the penalty spot number 10.

El Salvador did well, but with 39 seconds remaining, a series of rebounds was left near the area by Roberto Alvarado in front of Oscar Montano and mapped between the legs of the Creole goalkeeper.