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RD will fight for bronze in baseball after being defeated by the USA in Tokyo

With Triston Casas and Tyler Austin at home, the United States defeated the Dominican Republic 3 sets 1 to secure their place in the semi-finals where they will face the loser between Japan and South Korea.

The Dominicans will be able to fight for the bronze medal, pending a semi-final determination to face their opponent, in their final match in Tokyo 2020.

The lack of a timely offense was the main problem for the Quisqueyans, who left 7 men at base and went 8-0 with the sprinters in the scoring center.

The only round of the match for the Dominicans was the ninth inning of singles zombies from catcher Charlie Valerio from closer David Robertson.

The Dominicans missed an excellent opportunity in the first half as they managed to load the bases and did not take advantage of left-back Patrick Keflehan’s mistake to punish left-back Casmir.

Instead, the U.S. responded with a massive Homer from Central Casas Square that earned the Americans two runs after Tyler Austin marched into base.

In the fifth episode, it was Austin’s turn, who also fired his shot from four corners from midfield from loyalist Gabriel Arias, who participated as a substitute on the list for Diego Juris.

Dominican player Deni Reyes lost the loss by throwing four full runs of two strokes, two turns allowed, two walks and four strokes. Arias completed the mountain action with two career rounds and three strikes, Jairo Asensio and Junior Garcia with an empty run each with a strike.

The Dominican offense fired only five strikes for Jose Bautista, Eric Mejia, Malaki Cabrera, Charlie Valerio and Efre Perez. Julio Rodriguez and Johan Messis went blank in four bouts, Juan Francisco and Jason Guzman 3-0 and Gustavo Nunez 2-0.

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The Dominican Republic will have to wait for the results of the semi-final matches that will be played by Japan and South Korea, to face their opponents in the August 7 meeting, where the bronze medal will be held.