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Use Albert Pujols correctly

Use Albert Pujols correctly

Although he’s no longer a regular starter and is nearing the end of his career, Albert Pujols has been doing his best for years, thanks to a clever plan by the Dodgers.

In April 2021, during the first month of Big leagues, many believe that a successful career Albert Pujols It will end suddenly, after Los Angeles Angels He decided to release the Dominicans, without any explanation, during the last year of his contract with them.

hills, who has long since left out his best years as a player, hasn’t had a dominant season with Angels, despite the fact that his first year with the team was generally good. Years and injuries caused a significant decline in performance.”godAnd earlier than expected, many were inclined to say that this lucrative 10-year contract worth $254 million was a fiasco.

From 2012 to 2020, hills Hitting .257 with a .761 OPS alongside the Angels, recording 214 home runs and driving in 771 kicks, nothing like his first ten years in Big leagues next to St. Louis Cardinals, which is considered among the best 10 years of work in MLB.

The truth is that Angels Not adapted to reduce the performance hills Instead of looking for a way out that would be beneficial to the player, they decided to take him to the bench, during his last years with the team, to give more chances to the young players.

This is where wisdom is Los Angeles Dodgers was present. . CURRENT CHAMPIONS MLB They are clear on that Albert Pujols He’s not the hitter he used to be, but they did everything in their power to take advantage of the tools it provides, the veteran’s playing time, and the winning opportunities it provides.

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In the 52 matches that the Dominicans played with the team, he had a better season than in recent years with Angels. Its .268 average, along with the .311 on a percentage basis (OBP) and .464 on a slow ratio (SLG) show that although some capabilities were lost (as has been the case over the years), hills It can be a productive player. It took less than half a season on the Dodgers to figure out what to do with the first baseman, which is Angels.

The main tool that Dodgers in a Albert Pujols His hitting ability was for left-handed shooters, on whom he hit .311 and an OPS of 0.951 in 2021.

it is obvious that Dodgers They are fighting for a position in the postseason, which doesn’t seem to be the case by all accounts Angels. Albert Pujols and the Dodgers It’s a winning combination, and the numbers and results prove it the way they prove it.