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Rayados vs Mazatlán FC (0-0) match summary;  Driving is in danger

Rayados vs Mazatlán FC (0-0) match summary; Driving is in danger

Monterey, NL /

scratched failed to win Mazatlan In Round 12 despite being at the Steel Giant, he was only able to add a single point in a goalless draw, which hurt the superior leadership of Opening 2022 With 25 units, because it can be bypassed America If he wins tonight tigers.

the gang He scored the most obvious goals, although few in the match, with a rival goalkeeper who was a hero for his team, in addition to the torrential rain that hit. Monterey No better meeting allowed.

When the match started, Rodolfo Pizarro was almost taken by surprise with a shot from the sides, but the ball passed inches from the goal just past the near post in the seventh minute.

Closest was at 17 minutes of movement, from the right, Maxi Meza sent a position German Bertram with a header send the ball to the far post; Rodrigo Aguirre He managed to get there to try to push, but he hit the ball really badly, sending it to one side.

It wasn’t until the 50th minute that Pandilla once again had the chance to open the scoring, and Berterame finished the goal, but Nicholas Vikonis Don the hero costume by launching himself to avoid damage.

Already with rain on top, the match was more complicated, the ball was left behind and both teams had to resort to long shots, but nothing disturbed the goals.

In the 80th minute, Riados scored the long-awaited goal with a low shot from Bertrem in one encounter, but before the ball was combed by Aguirre, who left his teammate out of place, so have been cancelled Both of the royal family.

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Mazatlan has drawn in three of his last four duels, in addition to the fact that it is his sixth draw in the tournament, so in the general table it hardly contains 12 units.