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Andy Cruz broke silence on his absence from the Cuban Boxing Championship Playa Giron - SwingComplete

Andy Cruz broke silence on his absence from the Cuban Boxing Championship Playa Giron – SwingComplete

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas

In the first part, Willy talked with Andy about his absence from Playa Giron, what were the reasons that led him not to appear at the event, and what is the current status and near future of the fighter. However, Willy explained at the beginning of the video that it is very difficult for Andy to tell all the details, because he is still in Cuba and can receive any kind of action in exchange for his statements.

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Andy said at the beginning of the exchange, after accepting the question on the topic and assuring that he could talk from it without problems.

“I didn’t attend because I didn’t have the motivation to go to that tournament. I wasn’t excited because I was a little upset by the events and didn’t feel excited to attend. If I did, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to fight like the audience used to see me.”

“I never had to feel inside before competitions, which always makes me put on my show in the ring. Those feelings that one feels before fighting, fighting for victory, and the desire to win a medal, were missing and that is why I did not want to introduce myself,” added the best Cuban fighter today, among those who live on the island.

When did this frustration start?Willie asked the athlete…

“It was a short time before Girón Beach. Indeed, from the moment I did not go to Mexico, I was giving a few things … That was when (Domadores de) Cuba began to fight professionally (in Aguascalientes, Mexico), where my frustration began »

What is the present and future of Andy Cruz as a boxer?The boxing expert asked…

“I know a lot of people are waiting for news about me, to know what I’m doing and what my future plans are. Boxing enthusiasts and more Cuban boxers, who still has Andy for a while, told I hadn’t thrown in the towel yet. It’s a time when I fix some situations, but I keep training, I don’t stop doing it and I plan to make a new story on my record and achieve things in my career that I haven’t yet achieved,” concluded the star boxer from Matanzas.

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Stay tuned for future posts on this topic to let us know about Andy Cruz’s challenging experience. According to Willie, the next installment will deal with the question of going to the Dominican Republic and what really happened…