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Ravi Pina was first seen under house arrest |  Famous

Ravi Pina was first seen under house arrest | Famous

With everything and limitations, Ravi Pina shows her love for her daughter Vida

Natasha’s fiance Natasha appeared with this device on Instagram through a photo he posted on Monday, January 3, while he was watching TV.

take care of your family That “even the good” are uncomfortable with the happiness of others. A look that still gives me strength,” he said.

In the shot, he is in front of the girl, protecting himself with a mask, which suggests that the product is still prone to infecting others. The safety restraint he placed on his left leg above the ankle was also noted.

The photo touched many of his followers, who sent messages of encouragement to the famous producer and singer. In fact, Natty Natasha left a butterfly icon in the comments section.

Ravi Pina: Waiting for the sentence

A picture of him and his daughter in the middle of her recovery from COVID-19 with her leg lifted. Awaiting judgment for the crimes he was convicted of.

The maximum penalty you can face is 20 years in prison. The verdict will be announced on April 1.

Last December, a 12-person jury found him guilty of illegally possessing a modified firearm and possession of firearms when convicted.

The media reported that during the sentencing he had to stay at his home in Puerto Rico and could only leave “for medical and religious matters and to appear in court”.

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