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Puerto Rico Comic Con once again brings together lovers of fantasy and fantasy

Puerto Rico Comic Con once again brings together lovers of fantasy and fantasy

gates Puerto Rico Convention Center It opened today at 12:00 noon to welcome fans of Japanese movies, video games, comedy, TV series and animation on the first day of the day. Puerto Rico Comic Con (PRCC) 2022This year it celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Long queues lined the parking lot on both sides of the venue as hundreds of people gathered for a pop culture event that brings together fans of all ages. The entertainment event has made a strong comeback after a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19.

The entry line moved quickly, in addition to registering the ticket, the attendees had to show a vacuum ID or vaccination card.

Those who like to dress up were excited to be in the same place with people who enjoy imagination and live the fantasy world to their full. From the outside to the inside of the convention center’s first floor, superheroes, cartoons, movies, and video game characters can be seen around every corner.

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Fashion lovers

“This isn’t my first time here, I think it’s the 5th time I’ve come in. It’s my first time wearing a costume and it was something I wanted to do and my partner motivated me to do it. It hasn’t been done for a long time because of the pandemic and it felt like something I could enjoy.” This event is very good because it is a place for people who have things in common, that we can meet and share. Usually this type of event is not seen publicly and young people who come here are formed and meet other people with similar tastes and communities. “This is a kind of event,” said Coral Roig, who was dressed as “Raven.” And her boyfriend, Jose Guzman, “We Became Friends,” sounded like one of the characters in the Harry Potter saga.

For young Luis Arnaldo Villavigne, this edition of Comic Con was his seventh. He emphasized that few events on the island promote and develop healthy, fun and creative entertainment for the whole family. “You have to promote the good values. In this case, young people can be free and this is a positive activity,” Villavini said.

This year, the young man dressed up as characters from “Robotnik” and “Sonic”, because he loves everything related to one of the longest-running and most famous video games that also hit the big screen.

“I’m excited about getting dressed and seeing other people getting dressed up. We’re excited about this. Seeing people and kids who are passionate about seeing you in disguise, it’s really the amount and reward one gets. There are people out of curiosity, to see artists and celebrities or to see those who wear our clothes come and go. Simply to have a good time in peace,” Villavini explained.

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On the other hand, actors Jaden Martell s Mark Shepardas well as the director Kevin Smithare some of the artists who will perform this weekend as guests at the activity that continues today and tomorrow, starting at 9:00 am, in Miramar.

during a tour new day With hundreds of exhibitors, actors gearing up for their engagement, players being present at the game’s exhibitors, while Japanese anime fans instantly searched for the best merchandise at establishments promoting Japanese culture. In fact, the busiest establishments were those promoting Japanese things, clothing, anime merchandise, and artists.

Naida Reyes and her daughter Ayanami Diaz were among those who visited a model carrying merchandise from the anime. Reyes pleased her daughter with the event they attended for the first time because the girl is a fan of Japanese animation. Attendees had the opportunity to get unique pieces, collectibles, cartoons, action figures, clothing and photos of celebrities and hundreds of international characters.

Other attendees enjoyed dance shows, live art, and food, among many other activities.