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Puerto Rico Comic Con is full of joy, talent and innovation on its second day

Puerto Rico Comic Con is full of joy, talent and innovation on its second day

Neither the sun nor the massive traffic congestion nor the long walking distances stopped the thousands of young people and adults who came to enjoy the second day of Eid. Puerto Rico Comic Con (PRCC)Which was full of local merchants and artists who combined a love of popular culture with their talent and innovation.

Thousands of “nerds” packed the Pedro Rosselló Puerto Rico Convention Center, in San Juan, in search of the many attractions available, such as special visiting artists such as Giancarlo Espositoan actor known for his distinctive roles in series such as “Breaking Bad” and “The Mandalorian”; Zach Aguilarthe voice behind popular anime characters, including Tanjiro Kamado in “Demon Slayer”; Ross Marquandthe actor responsible for bringing Red Skull to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and distinguished himself with his performance in The Walking Dead; Cameron MonaghanWho shined with his versatility in the series “Gotham” and “Shameless”; And Charles SouleComic book author and writer for Marvel and DC Comics.

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Thousands of people gathered at the convention center to enjoy the world of television, cinema, anime and video games.

Meanwhile, others enjoyed his performances More than 400 sellers Who shared their passion for popular culture and its various aspects.

Rangeli “Rangi” Garcia ColonThe creator of Tripleta Studios expressed his great happiness to see the presence of young people and adults enjoying an environment in which diverse tastes come together in harmony and enjoyment.

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“I've supported Comic Con since its beginnings, since before it was called Puerto Rico Comic Con, I've always had my little table since Tripleta Studios was just a t-shirt company with my art, and now I have my own comics and animation on video,” said the artist behind the stories. Photographer: “My little table has evolved just like tradition.” “Unpacked” And “Save point”As well as satirical political cartoons “From nothing.”

Rangely Garcia Colon enjoys seeing her growth as an artist at the famous convention.
Rangely Garcia Colon enjoys seeing her growth as an artist at the famous convention. (Pedro Correa Henry)

Ranji also highlighted her happiness at finding herself in Row 300, where she originated “Balmagol” He shared the space with other artists from the courtyard who talked to the audience interested in their proposals.

“There are a lot of people here hanging out, greeting each other, I've seen everything from families to elderly people, it's all here,” said the Puerto Rican, who reported that the public's reception exceeded her expectations, especially when they came across the products. Such as “Poltipunch”, a card game in which the country's political figures face off against each other in the style of “Pokémon”, “Mama Era”, a graphic novel in which the illustrator reflects on her experiences with motherhood, and “The Story Without Colors”. , a coloring book that shares a historical event that marked the nation with humor.

Paula MartinezThe DragonCoop co-founder said she did not expect her “magical dragon farm” space to captivate spectators attending the massive event.

Martinez shared that her proposal was born after talking with her agronomist husband, Gabriel Mendez, about creating a world where she could combine her love of magical creatures with her partner's fascination with chickens. This ideal world is now reflected on keychains, posters, and computer mats.

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takes care
Gabriel Mendez and Paula Martinez take care of the Dragon Farm at Puerto Rico Comic Con. (Pedro Correa Henry)

“People loved it. We are continuing to interact with new people, and sales have been very good,” said the artist, who is working hard to launch her brand's mascot in the form of a stuffed animal and “The Hidden Critter Club,” a collection of magical snakes, which seeks to conquer. Hearts with their tenderness.

In the meantime, Alberto Carrillocreator of Alpha 3D Lab, enjoyed the attention of onlookers who stopped to see his colorful dragons created with 3D printing.

Carrillo expressed to First hour His project aims to educate the world about the capabilities of this machine, which can recreate everything from ordinary objects like a pencil, to larger-scale characters like Yoshi from Super Mario World and Pinocchio from Disney World. .

Alberto Carrillo, creator of Alpha 3D Printing.
Alberto Carrillo, creator of Alpha 3D Printing. (Pedro Correa Henry)

“The possibilities of 3D printing are endless. It is suitable for all ages, and it is never too late to start playing with it and see that it is possible to build a beautiful world,” said the creator.

As for his creatures, Carrillo confirms that they came to prove that, in addition to printing existing ideas, they open doors to launch unique proposals and turn them into reality.

He pointed out: “We have truly created a family, with each member having their own characteristics, some with hearts, others emulating one of the four elements and even different cultures.”

Carrillo showed off a collection of colorful dragons created using 3D printing at his station.
Carrillo showed off a collection of colorful dragons created using 3D printing at his station. (Pedro Correa Henry)

In fact, the creator of this medium admitted that the sales of the figures, which range from $20 to $50, also surprised him, since he only emptied his table on the first day of the conference.

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“People have stopped and asked about it and bought it. We keep making more because they keep buying it,” Carrillo said.

Puerto Rico Comic Con continues tomorrow, Sunday, when it will celebrate its third and final day. Conference tickets are available at Ticketera.