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“There are people who don't forgive when you're happy.”

“There are people who don't forgive when you're happy.”

Angelica Valle He left all his followers in awe after he took part The picture in which she showed her great personality.

Let's remember that The actress has been criticized in the past for her physical fitness. Because it was not easy for her to lose weight after pregnancy. but, On this occasion it was completely renovated.

Angelica/Instagram: @angelicavaleoriginal

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How did Angelica Valli lose weight?

The actress even revealed how she lost weight. Although people believe that she used miraculous treatments, Angelica spoke in an interview with the press about the powerful change that occurred in her image. He admitted that he had to detox, because the diets were not good for him at all.

“I've been on a diet for years and it's done nothing for me. I think my doctor finally found the hormone therapy I've been asking for for nine years. “They finally got it right.”

Angelica Valle

The famous He never stopped showing off his great personality On social networks, where He let out a sigh because of this Small waist and flat stomach. He lost more than 20 kilos! However, not everything was smooth sailing, as some users also became the target of criticism of the actress over how happy she looked after losing weight.

Angelica Valle


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Angelica Valle responds to criticism over her weight loss

Now the actress She responded to everyone who criticized her Because of how happy she is to show off her new personality.

Through an interview with L program today, the Daughter of Angelica Maria Comment it They are indifferent to negative comments, Because many people follow her, support her, and give her beautiful messages.

He also explained to the public that his weight loss was due to treatment under medical supervision and had nothing to do with it “Magic” or “surgeries”.

Angelica Valle


“As the Mugarita Soap Auction says. Obviously you'll never be able to please everyone. I didn't do any kind of magic or surgery or anything weird. There are a lot of people who don't forgive you when you're happy, but there are also a lot of people who They support you and speak well of me. In fact, more people speak positively than do not.

Angelica Valle

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That's not all, Angelica Valli said I started this treatment for healthAs the matter has nothing to do with his weight, although they closed the doors to labor cases because of this problem.

“I kind of said, 'Let's see what I need to do to be healthier,' because it wasn't even a question of, 'I'm missing work because I'm fat.'” The truth is no. It was a joke that I wanted to feel healthier. I wanted to look better, yes. Of course I wanted to feel better.”

Angelica Valle

he added: “Yes, you can lose weight, but not quickly and not with surgery. Nor pills, because they also say that some pills. “There's nothing magical.”

definitely, Vale explained that he is indifferent to the criticism directed at his current imageBecause he emphasized that you will never be able to please everyone. I hope she will share with us what medical solution led to these results that have made her so happy and feeling so good.

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