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Beyoncé’s mother defends her daughter after she was accused of bleaching her skin

Beyoncé’s mother defends her daughter after she was accused of bleaching her skin

Tina Knowles is tired of the criticism directed at her daughter. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images) (Roden Eckenroth via Getty Images)

Tina Knowles has denounced the “ignorant and racist” attacks her famous daughter has been subjected to since she attended the premiere of her new film, “Renaissance,” wearing a silver dress and matching long wig.

At first, she planned to remain silent, just like the woman in question, and in fact, she knows that Beyoncé will be angry with her when she reads the statement she shared on Instagram. However, she was unable to contain her anger after she saw a video on the social network claiming her daughter had tried to pass herself off as white at the event.

She explained: “I came across this today and decided to publish it after reading the racist, ignorant and hateful statements made by her.”

And in case no one has noticed yet, Tina explained that Beyoncé chose the color silver as the theme for her new documentary. Then, she wore a dress and hair of the same color to stand on the red carpet.

What disappoints Tina most is that a large portion of the criticism directed at the artist comes from the black community itself. She doesn’t understand how they can pretend to be so ignorant, and act like they don’t know that many black women like famous jazz singer Etta James wore platinum blonde wigs long before Beyoncé. Tina wonders if they all want to look white too.

Tina is tired of her daughter being attacked every time she presents a new project that she has worked hard on, which confirms her immense talent and work ethic. The worst part, in his opinion, is that his biggest critics are often those who should be most grateful to him.

“You are all perpetuating this jealousy, racism, sexism and double standards,” she said. “Instead of celebrating your sister, or simply ignoring her if you don’t love her. I’m tired of all you losers.” “She goes about her business. She helps others whenever she can. She uplifts and supports black women and the vulnerable at all times.”

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