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Plan your honeymoon

Plan your honeymoon

In July of this year, Alina Lozano, Colombian actress Who played Margarita in the movie “Queen of the South”, sparked controversy after she learned that she was going to marry her influential friend, 30 years younger than her.

Alina and Jim Velasquez They starred in one of Colombia’s most famous romances, and always share funny videos on social networks about their relationship.

And even though they were He slammed hard by Age difference Between that and that Alina is 54 years old and he is 23 years old; He finally arrived at the altar last week or so 60 guests at a farm in Colombia.

The influencer and actress said “yes”/Instagram

In case you don’t see it: An actress from La Reina del Sur will marry her boyfriend, 30 years her junior, despite criticism

The ceremony was very romantic. She was wearing a white wedding dress with a veil, and he was wearing a gray suit with a tie.

They shared pictures of the most special and emotional moments on social media, and the groom wrote: “They officially declared us husband and wife.”

The wedding was highly anticipated and the media people also gathered at the venue and witnessed the love of the couple in the place which was decorated with white flowers, making it an unforgettable event that they even named it “Wedding of the Year.”

“I’m really looking forward to the wedding night getting started. That moment has been undone.”Jim said.

While the actress said: “A lot of happiness and a lot of lightness really, and a lot of resilience because it was a very difficult time.”

Likewise, the actress addressed how the two fell in love: “The combination of the fact that we are actors, that we are with our respective companies on the networks, and the work of creating content made everything happen. At first we were not a couple, but we only worked together on the networks and then we fell in love“.

We decided that we would not hide the relationship.. “They’ll find out anyway,” I told Jim. Moreover, we didn’t have to hide it; “I am a free woman and he is a free man,” she declared.

for you honeymoon, The couple made plans Travel to Rome On December 22nd.

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