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Pre-registration in the Faculty of Exact Sciences: biochemistry and pharmacy, among the most chosen professions

Pre-registration in the Faculty of Exact Sciences: biochemistry and pharmacy, among the most chosen professions

Thursday 27 October 2022 | 11:15 am

Pre-registrations for positions in the Misions National University School of Exact, Chemical and Natural Sciences (FCEQyN-Unam) are still open and there are already more than 500 pre-registrations in 2022.

The Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Exact Sciences at the National University of Mission, Claudia Mendes, spoke with the program Here We’ll Tell You by Radioactiva 100.7 and explained: “We started pre-registration in September and started a completely virtual course on October 11 so they can do it remotely for six weeks”

“It will be an entry course that will serve as orientation, an initial approximation as well as a way to see if they like the topics we offer,” he said.

He also noted that in this part they have some common modules for some professions, such as the learning strategy “where the students are given the necessary elements so that they see how to approach studying at the university and we have a moment of 528 people enrolled. At the moment, the biochemistry profession is the most chosen ” .

“Those who were prescribed during September and who are doing this course now, they finally have an assessment and a certain percentage of the percentage is approved, which will be 60%, that they will already have approval for these modules and can start studying directly the year they come in. Anyway, these courses which are now being offered in virtual mode will be offered in person in February and March, so pre-registration continues, you can continue to enroll until the end of this year and even those who have not done so well, during these months of the virtual course, They can do it head on.”

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With regard to those studying at the institution, he declared that they are mostly missionaries and some are from the province of Corrientes, “other most chosen professions are pharmacy followed by a degree in genetics and chemical engineering”.

after the epidemic

On the other hand, Mendez added that in all professions they have tutorials that any of the students can turn to if they have any problem in their path, “We also note that the pandemic issue has wreaked havoc on the continuity of student studies and from that also for about two years, we are also working With a psychiatrist, a psychiatric office, for the whole subject of feelings, for those students who are at risk in that sense.”

How to register

Pre-registration is 100% online, via email. This enables management to participate in the mandatory entry and settlement cycle. It is not exclusionary.

There are ten races taught in Posadas, three in the Computer Science unit at Apóstoles and one at the Aulica Extension of Puerto Rico.

All information can be found on the FCEQyN website: www.fceqyn.unam.edu.ar Income tab 2023

The modalities of the entry cycle to FCEQyN are implemented in two cases:

Virtual session: From October 11 to November 21. To be able to study in this hypothetical state.

Face to face cycle: It is offered in February and March 2023. Pre-registration is open until February.

It should be noted that there are jobs that can be accepted 100% by default in October and November 2023. However, there are other jobs with virtual units and others that must be taken in person, in the case of February/March 2023.

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