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Possible changes that Club America is preparing for its match against Tigres

Possible changes that Club America is preparing for its match against Tigres

Monday 29 August 2022

for team American Eagles A complex game awaits them on Saturday. there is chance Aztec Stadium It will see a new chapter of competition against tigerswhere disciples Ferdinand Ortiz They will strive to stay the same with victory to wrest leadership from a team Monterey Schemewhich has only two more units of them.

However, the band “Tano” Ortiz Will submit himself to this commitment with many victims, especially victims Henry Martinwho suffered muscle pain in last Friday’s match against Mazatlan, so he will not be able to see minutes against those who San Nicolas de los HeroesAnd the new lion. else Richard Sanchezwho appears to suffer from the same Yucatecan.

In addition to Henry Martín and Richard Sanchez, Águilas del América will likely remain without Nestor Araujo, who initially took the center position, but injury has left him out of the field in his last three matches. . Another question Jürgen Damas he still has physical issues, so he continues to get fit with the U-20 team. Roger Martinez It’s another thing that Fernando Ortiz won’t take into account, because he had a setback last week, so he’ll be spending more time in rehab.

How will America come out to confront the tigers?

Given all these losses, America would have come out with: Guillermo Ochoa, Luis Fuentes, Bruno Valdes, Sebastian Caceres, Miguel Laine, Pedro Aquino, Alvaro Fidalgo, Jonathan Rodriguez, Diego Valdes, Alejandro Zendegas and Federico Viñas.