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Podemos returns to the Faculty of Political Science to "rearm" itself and release its candidates

Podemos returns to the Faculty of Political Science to “rearm” itself and release its candidates

Podemos will celebrate “Autumn Uni”, one of his main ideological forums, at the Faculty of Political Science of the Complutense University of Madrid, where the party originated. There is a teacher Bol . churches (and wants to come back) Today the founder does too Juan Carlos Pors. It will be on the 4th, 5th and 6th of November.

The formation will strengthen its positions in the debates with its struggle and will take advantage of the event to launch the race towards regional and municipal elections in May 2023, and to present the elected candidates in the primaries who will compete for the government of the communities and municipalities through various formats. .

“Back to the UCM School of Politics!” , tweet Lilith FirstringMinister of State for Agenda 2030 as Secretary of Podemos. Verstrynge shares the “Uni” poster with the slogan “Democratic Transitions and Popular Prospects”.

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As in previous years, Podemos will present the main party leaders, as well as other formations and representatives of civil society; There will be talks on the most sensitive and crucial issues for the future of the party and also concerts or activities for children.

Tour in Spain

Podemos faces the 2023 election in deep uncertainty and deadlocked from a loss of representation according to opinion polls and the last times Spaniards went to the polls. In addition, it has to close the formula in which it will be introduced in many regions, whether as its own brand or in a consortium.

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About 800 initial operations will be held in the near future so that those elected will have several months before they can act. In Madrid (in the absence of a vote) they Alexandra Sfeira spokesman for the United We Can in the Assembly, for the presidency of the community, and the former athlete Robert Sotomayor Mayor of the capital city.

Podemos leader, ion bellarahe wanted to assert in the last State Council of the Citizens that they were “the greatest political force in the Confederate space and the engine of major changes” on the left.

Realizing the importance of the May exam also for his future in the general elections, Podemos will begin a tour – “The Power That Transforms” – through the lecture halls of Spain – as head of government, Pedro Sanchezsince the beginning of the political cycle – to confirm his achievements in the executive branch.