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Photo: From Cuba, Liz Vega turned up the heat on her back and in a tiny black bikini

not vega She confirmed which celebrity she looks best with beach wear. With a photo he shared with his millions of followers Instagram and Facebook, Captured in her home country Cubapretending to be flirtatiousOr a little black bikinia group that highlighted her curves and The temperature rose when pretending backwardsWhich indicates that he is not afraid of censorship on the platforms.

The actress and singer, who was born in Havana, Cuba, has a career spanning more than 20 years, and Although she has been criticized for her physical changes, it shows that she is a confident woman and that she doesn’t care.”hatersAnd then he continues to conquer social networks Without thinking about what they would say, especially now that she is also seen to be very in love, a few weeks ago she got married for the third time with urban music singer Naldo Oye.

Lis Vega flaunts an amazing body in a bikini

VegaWho turned 45 in October, flaunts his silhouette of something in the twenty on the networks, as revealed in the photo he posted on his official accounts on the Meta platforms, in which he posed for two. A one-piece swimsuit in which she leaves very little to the imagination, as it is a small and revealing design in which she showed off all her beauty and curves.

Lis Vega conquers the grid with a bold beach look. Photo: IGlisvegaoficial

“Where your peace is, where you shake high, where you nourish your soul and feel the love your way, there, blessed day #lapoetadelourbano #cuba #marazul,” were the phrase and hashtags with which Not The publication accompanies the instagramWhere she was followed by 1.9 million followers, from whom she received dozens of comments with beautiful words and thousands of likes within a few hours.

In the screenshot you can see The beautiful actress and singer of her origin Cuba She flaunted her perfect body in a look that highlighted her curves and showed that she loves to rock the most revealing outfits.a black bikini She had already shown it in other pictures in which she had already appeared alongside her husband, with whom she was currently spending days with her family on her home island.

Cuban women can be seen in love. Photo: IGlisvegaoficial

Liseska Vega Gálvez, also the real name of the composer, known as the “Urban Poet”, confirms with her beach or pool look that women over 40 can flaunt an amazing figure and flaunt it with daring swimwear, such as the one she has allowed us to see in Images in which he squandered sensuality, and gave style lessons by showing off perfect outfits to shine.

The 44-year-old Cuban, who has participated in TV series such as “Contra viento y marea”, “Tormenta en el paraíso”, “Amorcito corazón” and “Santa Diabla”, was recently seen showing her best steps in “Las estrellas”. bailaen en Hoy”, managed to earn a place on social networks for the way they dress, especially when it comes to how they look in bikini Or the bathing suit in which she was crowned queen.

The actress boasts of an amazing body at the age of 45. Photo: IGlisvegaoficial

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