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Pedro Truglio speaks after another title and announces signings with Olimpia

Pedro Truglio speaks after another title and announces signings with Olimpia

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

he Olympia Defeated Marathon He achieved his 38th crown in the history of the National League Pedro Truglio He came to give them 8 of the last nine crowns contested.

After winning his fourth title for the second time. Argentine captain He does not hesitate to strive for an international title, as he realizes that it is a complex task.

“Now it’s time to compete for the CONCACAF Cup, even though we have played five games and lost one, it is necessary to fight until the end; “At least be in the Champions League again and get five.”

He added: “It is a difficult and incredible thing, but you have to enjoy it because the good moments are few and the bad moments are just around the corner.”

Truglio He took the opportunity to talk about how complicated it is to win it all in tournaments.

“Today I saw Manchester City lose, spend $500 million and win one local championship. It is not easy and we will lose some championships; if we think we will win everything we are wrong, Marathon and Motagua are playing great. It is getting more difficult for us.”

In addition, he confirmed that new reinforcements will arrive at the institution for the next season.

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“People want us to promote ourselves and are talking about names, millions, but we are in Honduras, it is not easy, but I will try to gather the best to compete. If people think that we can compete with the Mexicans and the United States, they are wrong. We can fight them on the field, but we need To achieve something, but with peace of mind.

Truglio He could not forget his loved ones. “I remember my family, I already talked to them. If I were Alejandra (wife) I would have kicked him, I have children who were young and now they are passing me by.”

He was also honest in saying that he never expected to win so many crowns. “Not really, I have a good club and I never imagined getting one, but you’re welcome.”

Despite his renewal with the club: “I am the coach in the club’s history, I am just a passer-by.”