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Summary of the Mexico U-23 match vs.  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (3-2).  Objectives

Summary of the Mexico U-23 match vs. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (3-2). Objectives

Mexico Sign A victory Very important in his second match Maurice Revelo Championship 2024. The team led by Ricardo Cadena knew how to respond to A Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Very dangerous and imposed 3-2Thanks to goals from Alan Bautista, Luca Martinez Dupuy and Emilio Rodriguez.

At the beginning of the match Tricolor band Create danger through Live playHowever, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Made the necessary modifications to it It contains Mexican national team attacks.

Yes Mexico So choose the shot, Saudi painting He decided to handle the ball and, once in the danger zone, he continually sought to play on goal attachin particular to communicate On the right with Al-Saadwho was often looking for one-on-ones to take advantage of his speed and surplus ability.

Despite the Saudi improvement, Mexico U-23 opened the scoring. A cross came from the right side and fell Martinez DupuyThe attacker stood with his back to three, and left it to his pleasure Baptist And the player Pachuca Take out a Impossible cannon shot For the Saudi goalkeeper in the 35th minute.

And then the response came from the opposing team, which was always dangerous Al-Saadwho controlled the pumped ball in a wonderful way and shot vaseline And although she was heading towards the goal, she did not seem to have enough strength to secure herself against Mexico’s goal.

But the tri-color defense stepped up. Tony Leon He was able to prevent the ball from sneaking into the goal, but it hit the crossbar to hand in to Emilio RodrigueZSo the referee flagged it penal In favor of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia ninth, pilgrimHe got the ball quickly, did not let himself be intimidated and fired a shot of the highest quality that ended up in Padilla’s left corner.

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Rodriguez recovered himself and Mexico secured the victory

Things went against him tripartite At the beginning of the second half. Darcy I was able to enter the area, and open up space serves to Al-Jaberwho fired a half-hearted shot that made it 2-1 after the ball bounced off Jesús Alcantar.

Mexico did not stand idly by and knew how to respond Luca Martinez Dupuy. The Rosario Central striker performed a master’s degree in the attacking position, knowing how to set himself up, finding a perfect pass and making it happen. Gets a penal Which he took care of himself sign To equalize the score (2-2).

In 70 Emilio Rodriguez He shows up to redeem himself and give Tri Sub-23 victory. The goal was made possible thanks to a brilliant intervention once again from Dupuis, who headed towards the goal and hit his shot against the post. However, luck smiled on Mexico, as the ball remained dead and Rodriguez He was responsible for pushing him to do so 3-2 final.