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Paulina Rubio remembers her mother with a touching letter asking for strength

Paulina Rubio remembers her mother with a touching letter asking for strength

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Barely eight days after his departure, Pauline Rubio Surprises on social networks with affectionate devotion to his mother, actress Susana Dusamantes, who seeks strength for her. To return to the stage and give the best after his difficult absence.

Through his Instagram profile, The singer uploaded a clip in which she collected some family moments that they went through and in which the deceased actress was seen smiling and happy. Susanna Dusamantes, who was a victim of pancreatic cancer, which was discovered last February.

Among the images, the actress was retold alongside her two children, Paulina and Enrique, from when they were young through adolescence until they reached adulthood. In addition to recent photos of the novel’s heroine “Amalia Batista” alongside her grandchildren Andrea Nicholas and Eros.

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no my son Pauline Rubio It was more than Dosamantes lived, because we must remember that the actress sold her house in Mexico, to live in the United States and be able to be close to the “golden girl” and her grandchildren. The relationship between the two was very close.

“Give me your light so I can sing on stage today. I dedicate my life to you mom, I will always miss you #madresolohayuna”Next to this short video, the singer wrote, which immediately caused a reaction.

Luis Fonsi and Andrea Escalona They responded to the post with a series of broken hearts; While her fans left love letters for the artist, which was on July 10 at the clock Long Beach Pride, the popular festival of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Here we leave you Paulina Rubio’s video dedicated to her mother, Susana Dusamantes:

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