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Baby Aguilar: For whom is Leonardo Aguilar's latest dedicated song |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda-nnlt |  Offers

Baby Aguilar: For whom is Leonardo Aguilar’s latest dedicated song | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda-nnlt | Offers

The Aguilar clan never ceases to admire its musical productions. This time it was the youngest of the family, the older brother and son , Leonardo, who released a new song inspired by heartbreak that includes a number of musical genres. Faced with such exclusivity, his followers are already beginning to wonder who the singer-songwriter is dedicated to regional Mexican music.

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They are the best family in Mexican folk music today. Don Pepe, with over 35 years old, has been generating a legacy that his two sons Angela and Leonardo prolong with their looks as a new generation.

On this occasion, Leonardo Aguilar returned to the fore with the release of his new song “The Beginning of the End”, which in the first 24 hours has already exceeded 400 thousand views on his YouTube channel.

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In two weeks of August, he will turn 23 (Photo: Leonardo Aguilar/Instagram)

To whom was Leonardo Aguilar’s new song dedicated?

After the release of the new song, Leonardo Aguilar began to interact with his fans through a live broadcast on Instagram, and there he answered all the questions they asked him about his new topic.

The first question was what motivated me to write a song about heartbreak or disappointment. “This is because of the feeling or situation you get when the relationship ends.”The 22-year-old singer-songwriter responded.

Immediately, the following questions were about who was the inspiration for this love position: “I don’t necessarily have to have a specific relationship, but the energy that happens to everyone, when you no longer have what you had with your partner before”It is to explain.

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Here she is singing with her younger sister, Angela (Image: Leonardo Aguilar/Instagram)
Here she is singing with her younger sister, Angela (Image: Leonardo Aguilar/Instagram)

Is Leonardo Aguilar’s new song from Mexico?

Another question was what kind of music this new song belongs to, because when we hear it we will notice that it is a mixture of different rhythms: regional music, poems and even some pop music.

Leonardo, who recorded this song in Mexico City with the support of Javier Calderon, noted his new musical production It does not have a specific gender per se.. He also admitted that the chorus is his favorite part of the song, and that the music flows very naturally.

“It’s crazy squash”voicing the celebrities, who for this new musical batch used instruments such as the sixth bass, tuba and clarinet.

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