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The House of Celebrities 2: The New Couple Who Turned Reality With Dangerous Scenes |  Telemundo |  nnda-nnlt |  Offers

The House of Celebrities 2: The New Couple Who Turned Reality With Dangerous Scenes | Telemundo | nnda-nnlt | Offers

There are just a little over two weeks left until my final.”(2) A surprising and even flaming revelation does not cease to appear. The last of them was the caresses that were given in front of everyone and Juan Vidal, before the Cuban was excluded from the competition. Now there will be a couple who took this position.

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He will enter his tenth week of coexistence on Tuesday 12 July, but before that he will be content with the ninth phase out of competition, and the nominees to leave the house are Laura Pozzo, Yvonne Monteiro, Luis Mendoza and Nacho Cassano.

One of them will join the list of expelled that already includes Miley Alonso, Brenda Zambrano, Luis “Potro” Caballero, Eduardo Rodriguez, Julia Gama, Nyorca Marcos, Osvaldo Rios and Rafael Neves.

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Someone will be leaving the house on Monday the 11th (Image: Telemundo)

Support Daniela Navarro and Salvador Zerbone in Risky Scenes at ‘House of Celebrities’

Through fan pages2 Some pictures spread where actress Daniela Navarro and actor Salvador Zerboni were seen moving their arms under the covers in positions of complicity and trust.

Although it is not known exactly what actions they did, followers of the reality show consider it a reliable example of the great chemistry developed by both celebrities.

Although at the beginning of the competition Daniel had developed sympathy for Eduardo Rodriguez, his departure would have allowed the 38-year-old Venezuelan to become interested in the Mexican, who is five years older than her.

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The audience agrees with the possible relationship between Daniela Navarro and Salvador Zarboni in “La Casa de los Famados”

Social networks are starting to make this a trend and opinions are divided, with some considering that they are just soulmates and a romantic relationship would not be appropriate. However, others believe that it is possible for them to become a couple.

“There has always been harmony between them.”And the “loves in the air”And the Their personalities complement each other.These two are sexyAnd the “I’m dying of love, I’d like to love this couple”Some fans of the show wrote that they hope to see Daniela and Salvador together in a relationship. They have the floor.

Daniela Navarro (Photo: Daniela Navarro/Instagram)
Daniela Navarro (Photo: Daniela Navarro/Instagram)
Salvador Zerboni (Photo: Salvador Zerboni/Instagram)
Salvador Zerboni (Photo: Salvador Zerboni/Instagram)

Winner of “The House of FAMOUS” according to “CHISME NO LIKE”

The famous program ‘Gossip No Like’ revealed the name of the character who will win the thrilling prize on Telemundo’s reality show.

During the broadcast on July 5, the hosts confirmed that the TV network had already identified the winner of US$200,000 by “fingering”. .

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