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Regret?  After leaving his girlfriend, Pique can look for Shakira again

Regret? After leaving his girlfriend, Pique can look for Shakira again

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Madrid, Spain.- Although some time has passed since then Shakira She confirmed to international media that, after 12 years of the relationship, it officially ended with the father of her children, the football player BarcelonaAnd the Gerrard Piquewhat will happen to both of them is still pending because Song Translator is like our endAnd the excerpt also luckYou cannot leave Spain because it is pending to clarify a custody issue Sasha s Milanparticipating minors.

Although it was said that the original intentions BarranquillaColombia to move to Miamiit has also been indicated that it can continue to operate in Bahamas, he plans that although he has it in his sight, it cannot materialize. Until there was something final with the player from the Blaugrana team that was looking for her even after making sure he was completely single.

The controversy between the two began on the podcast Marazis It was revealed Pique no longer lives in the same house Which he shares with Shakira and his children, he even chooses to return to his bachelor apartment where he is allegedly seen with a woman. Later it was said in the same place as Third in competition she was one Waitress With whom the player met in a bar in the Catalan capital, who was later offered a job in his company where everyone knew that there was more to it than friendship.

To clarify the rumors, they confirmed it Shakira hired private investigators To confirm infidelity, while obtaining the necessary evidence to prove that it is the most qualified Obtaining full custody of their childrenwhich is something that can easily be transferred to United State; However, plans could change as the paparazzi once again said Marazis That Pique was looking for his former partner whom he met during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Shakira offered to meet her children with her grandfather. Instagram Shakira

“Pique is no longer with the woman who has been linked to him in recent weeks, and her profession has been a waitress in a bar. He is single and has many friends. He began an approach with Shakira to agree on legal positions.”

Although Shakira showed no intention of communicating with someone else, Gerard Pique Looks like there are no arguments for going back to the blondeWell, as the paparazzi said, even though he actually left the woman he gave his kids to after he got back from her DubaiIt seems that he wants to enjoy the single life, the wealth he added after his performance on the cast of Blaugrana while Shakira focused more on her children and her career.

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Until now, Pique did not want to make a statement to the media that he was constantly evading, even after Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​chose to break the silence and assert that the player has missed the Colombian, which is sane. An agreement between the two could surprise the audience with a second chance announcement or simply walk away on good terms.

Source: Tribune