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Ozuna responded after losing the 2023 Silver Bat to Bryce Harper

Ozuna responded after losing the 2023 Silver Bat to Bryce Harper

In its 43rd edition in the history of the prestigious award Silver ThumperOn Thursday night, November 9, the winners of each position were announced. There were players whose numbers already gave clear favoritism… but one missed it.advertisements

This is not the first time this has happened Major League BaseballThere are dozens of stories of this size Marcel Ozuna It’s another one.

What the Dominicans achieved was remarkable and valuable Atlanta Braves. They had the best batting average MLB with .276, and were leaders in home runs with 307.Esoic

Part of those home runs are also due to the 40 he hit Marcel In the 2023 regular season Specialties.

Marcell Ozuna was upset about not getting the Silver Bat

On Instagram, Al-Kwaiskiani posted a message in one of the stories on his personal page. “I won’t laugh, but I won’t cry either.”. He wrote “Bear”. “I thank God that he is alive to see these things.”.

“The only clue is whether you believe it or not, it is about being true to yourself. The glory is God. Trust Him, He can do anything. With God always, Amen”. I finish.

truly Bryce Harper He deserved the silver bat during a great season Marcel Ozuna? Let’s compare their seasons.


To start, Ozuna He played in 144 games, 142 as a DH and two as a left fielder. while Bryce Harper He participated in 126 games, 89 as a designated player and 36 as a first baseman.

  • Marcel Ozuna: 70 extra base hits (40 home runs, 29 doubles, 1 triple), 100 RBI, 296 total bases, 145 runs batted in, .274 average.
  • Bryce Harper: 50 extra-base hits (29 doubles, 21 home runs, 1 triple), 72 RBI, 278 total bases, 134 strikeouts, .293 average.
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