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Summary of the Pachuca Femenil vs America Feminil match (0-6).  Objectives

Summary of the Pachuca Femenil vs America Feminil match (0-6). Objectives

he America had a field day in Pachuca During the The first leg of the quarter-finals Follower Mexican Women’s Leaguemercilessly beat Tuzas 6-0 and will only have to complete the work in Aztec Stadium Next Sunday, he thus confirms that he is one of the candidates to win the Apertura 2023 title.

The Eagles did what they wantedHidalgo’s players were no match for America, which was at the top of the competition for most of the tournament behind it Tigers To defend the title he won in the last tournament.

These were the goals of America Feminil

Ángel Villacampa’s side showed their superiority from the first minute and fell only in the 10th minute. The first goal was the work of Kiana Palaciosand came close to ending the first half Allison Gonzalez He scored a wonderful goal from three-quarters of the field because the goalkeeper was too far forward.

In the second half Those from Cuba continued to do what they wantedPachuca never settled, not even with an entry Jenny Hermoso They managed to do a little damage to azulcremas’ goal.

The Spanish strategist showed his desire to end the series with the first leg and the sequel Katie Martinez statusForward, this is the guarantee of the goal. with Five minutes on the pitch he was present On the scoreboard with a third of the night to go.

Katie Keller, who’s fighting that battle with her Desiree Monsivais Being the best scorer in the history of Liga MX, she continued to make it clear that she is aiming for this record at all costs by scoring her double four minutes after her first goal and so on. Get 2 levels of Pumas progress.

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at 64′ Natalia Molyon increased the advantage He scored the fifth goal of the match, the goal that crushed the Toza team, which had had the worst night of the day in Hidalgo, and the goal that practically eliminated them.

With Pachuca already surrendering, humiliated and desperate, Monica Ocampo committed a penalty kick which was brilliantly converted by Andrea PereiraThe Spaniard hit the ball with malice in the sixth.

America defends its title with all its might, and even though it did not finish in first place in the rankings, Candidate to win the championship twice.​