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Diego Linez's friend helps America finish Brian Rodriguez's deal

Diego Linez’s friend helps America finish Brian Rodriguez’s deal

It looks like the Eagles are close to sealing off the arrival of the last reinforcements for Apertura 2022.

America will receive international assistance to finish its latest reinforcement.
© Getty ImagesAmerica will receive international assistance to finish its latest reinforcement.

Day 10 of the inaugural 2022 tournament is about to be played but America He still hopes to close one last signature to support the team. The player who can reach is Brian Rodriguezend of Uruguay LAFC Who longs to come to Mexico, but The whims of his coach disrupted the negotiations.

Although there is a file Agreement with the football player and the cluband the reason the Eagles didn’t hire the attacking official is because Steve SherondoloAngel manager He doesn’t want to be separated from his element.

All this could change in the next few hours because it was announced this Friday that Los Angeles has signed the Spanish winger, Christian TelloWorld Health Organization Recently released from Betis During his stay he managed to establish a good relationship with Diego Lainez.

Barcelona’s youth team will arrive at MLS to position themselves under the leadership of LAFC. This can open negotiations So America can finally take over Brian Rodriguez. It remains only to wait for an official announcement in the coming days.

Reinforcement is not urgent

A few weeks ago, the arrival of an attacking player with depth and imbalance was vital, but Three consecutive victories Accumulated by Fernando Ortiz team injected confidenceIn addition to leveling up players like Richard Sanchez, Alejandro Zendegas, Jonathan Rodriguez and Henry Martin, so Bryan’s addition can be taken in a big step.

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