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Uber will soon allow its users to book an airport shuttle

Uber will soon allow its users to book an airport shuttle

(CNN) — Uber wants to make transportation to the airport, concerts, or sporting events cheaper.

The ride-sharing company on Wednesday announced the launch of Uber Shuttle, an offering that will allow users to reserve up to five seats on a shuttle from a central location to an event or airport, for less than the cost of a regular Uber ride. The cost of traveling by bus will not be affected by rising prices, which is a common struggle when many people are looking for trips at the same time.

Passengers can reserve their places on the ferries, which will have between 14 and 55 seats, up to a week in advance and will receive a QR code ticket to board. Uber plans to partner with local transportation companies with commercially licensed drivers to facilitate the offering, but users will be able to rate and tip drivers within the Uber app as with any other trip.

Uber has already launched early ride-hailing trials, including in India, and as an offering to corporate customers. The feature will roll out to US consumers this summer at event venues in select cities, including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and Miami, and there are plans to expand more broadly in the coming months.

Uber Shuttle will allow passengers to reserve up to five seats on a shuttle to the airport or to a concert or sporting event, for less than the cost of a regular Uber ride. (Credit: Uber)

The Uber Shuttle announcement was one of several new features announced in the company’s annual product update on Wednesday, which also includes a discounted Uber One membership program for students and the ability for Uber Eats users to place orders at Costco even if they don’t have a membership.

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Together, the ads are designed to give people more reasons to use their products, while also focusing on affordability through group tours and other discounted offers. The strategy comes at a time Consumers are decreasing Alimony before Highest prices for a variety of products From groceries to clothes. Uber’s diversification of its business beyond traditional transportation has also helped it maintain its leadership position over rival Lyft.

“The simple way to compare, ya sea viajes or compras, what is it that you have in the sea and one of the most barato”,” said the Uber executive director, Dara Khosrowshahi, and the company’s products are even in the city. New York.

Also among Uber’s announcements is a feature designed for caregivers, which will allow them to book rides, order groceries and purchase medical supplies and other over-the-counter items for their loved ones. In certain cases, a care recipient’s medical benefits may be applied to cover trips and requests, and three-way chat will allow the caregiver, passenger, and driver to communicate with each other. (This feature builds on a similar offering that allows healthcare providers to book rides for patients.)

Uber will also allow users to pre-book rideshares (an evolution of what used to be called Uber Pool, where users can share a ride with strangers heading in a similar direction) for a discount, a move it says was inspired by the growth in the number of people. Use the application during travel hours. The feature will initially launch in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Atlanta, before expanding to other regions.

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“Sharing is an essential part of the future of cities at our scale,” Camille Irving, general manager of mobility operations for the US and Canada, said on Wednesday.