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Opening of the Research Center in Environmental Sciences

Opening of the Research Center in Environmental Sciences

In addition, several studies have alerted that modification and reduction of ecosystems brings previously separated species into contact with each other and with humans, which increases the risk of emergence and re-emergence of zoonotic infectious diseases.

Pollution, fragmentation and habitat loss, excessive urbanization, introduction of alien species and over-exploitation of nature have resulted in an alarming loss of biodiversity that puts the health of ecosystems and the services they provide at risk. Towards economic development and health of societies.

The dynamics of CICA’s work will be “to promote interdisciplinary and horizontal research on issues related to the environmental sciences, both within its own research groups and in collaboration with other groups of national, regional and international organizations and institutions.”

A scientific staff consisting of experts in different disciplines will work and participate in the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

CICA-IIBCE will open at 3:00 pm this Thursday, June 29, in the Assembly Hall of the Institute. The moderator will be Leo Lagos, Editor of Ciencia de la Diaria. The authorities will speak and then there will be a table of experts in environmental sciences speaking: Dr. Dr. Pablo Muniz, Alternate Director of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, IECA Grade 5 Professor of Oceanography and Marine Environment, Faculty of Science, UdelaR; Pilar Moreno, Third Class Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Molecular Virology, Faculty of Sciences, UdelaR and Head of the Center for Innovation in Epidemiological Surveillance at the Pasteur Institute of Montevideo; Dr. Omar Defeo, ANCIU, Grade 5 Professor, Marine Science Unit, College of Science, UdelaR.

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