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Nyurka makes good on its promise and creates scandal at LCDLF2;  This is how he shouted against Hector Sandarte

Nyurka makes good on its promise and creates scandal at LCDLF2; This is how he shouted against Hector Sandarte

after being expelled from “Celebrity House”, Nyorca Marcos He campaigned against the reality show accusing the production of fraud and nepotism. The videotape argues that through the videos they showed her, they smeared her image and made her look like a villain. LCDLF.

Despite being expelled by the public with more than 40% of the vote, Cuban does not accept the result and says that it was the same production that decided to isolate it to give preference to other residents such as Daniela Navarro and Salvador Zerboni.

Already with the calmest atmosphere, New York He appeared at the Elimination Party on Monday, June 27 on Telemundo. Although he promised that he would not prepare himself for a show”celebrity housethe hydrangea gave her arm to twist and appeared today ready to face Hector Sandarte.

Nyurka was furious at the LCDLF2 party

However, not everything was great and New York She kept her promise to go armored and armed and yelled mercilessly against the LCDLF2 hosts, whom she accused of only following instructions and reading the teleprompter, as well as asserting that everything was a reality show scam and that everything had already been fixed.

“All content has been manipulated, they should appear as is and not edited”

Niurka made strong statements about the LCDLF2 range

Hector Sandarte He was the target of Niurka’s attacks on the show’s production. The driver tried at all times to calm the Cuban woman who was very upset, and though it seemed that things were going to get out of hand, New York He ended up giving up a bit after they showed him pictures of her indoors and took the opportunity to deny that she was some kind of team boss:

“They alone got used to the idea that I was running them like puppets. I’ve never forced them to do anything and I’m proud of my blue room because they continue to maintain the foundations we built.”

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