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Niurka y su hija Romina Marcos.

Nyurka and daughter Romina reveal heart attack curves in bikinis as ‘soulmates’

Romina Marcos He traveled to Yucatan, Mexico to celebrate the arrival of 2022 with his mother, New York; However, the mother and daughter took advantage of their reunion to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and of course the little bikini they wore in front of their followers on social networks.

The young actress was the first to showcase her sea-facing statues silhouette, which through her official Instagram profile She posted a series of photos in which she dazzled her curves while tanning her little bikini The black color that delighted the disciples of thousands of fans.

And although on other occasions he has spoken out against comparisons, in one of his most recent posts He caused a stir once again when he showed up in an amazing bikini body with his controversial mother, He asked his fans to take a good look to see how alike they are.

Can we be mother and daughter? I love youWritten at the end of the post generated hundreds of messages of admiration and praise.

For her part, the Cuban star did the same on her official Instagram profile, sharing the same photo, but this time she confirmed that in addition to almost identical looks, they also have an unusual friendship.


And although the mother and daughter were surprised by this wonderful picture, The absolute champion of the second season of the reality show “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy” He fell in love with his fans once again, turning the temperature up again with a series of shots in which he revealed his beautiful silhouette while submerging himself in the clear sea water.

This time, Romina Marcos elicited different reactions thanks to a mini string bikini who showed off her tanned skin while being head-to-head and profiled in front of the camera with seawater up to her hips.

Smell the sea and feel the skyIt reads as a description on the postcards that she is about to reach 40,000 red hearts.

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