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Anthony Santos clarifies the controversy for a two-hour party only

Anthony Santos clarifies the controversy for a two-hour party only

who followed the distinguished bachatero path Anthony Santos He knows that, as he says in his songs, his Concerts They are “until 15 in the morning nonstop”.

But there’s always a first time and that’s what some partygoers have been describing Santiago de los Caballeros Who claimed in a video that he feels “deceived” Because the “Ciego de amor” singer only played for two hours.

The translator posted a statement on his account Instagram In which he explained what happened, admitting that they kicked him off the stage at 2:00 AM because the producers didn’t have permission to play until 4:00 AM.

At the party come alive Santiago de los Caballeros, last Wednesday, December 29, the event organizers assured me that they had a permit allowing me to sing for them until 4:00 am, and that was not the case,” the statement signed by Anthony Santos.

The artist said that he learned about the situation when he ordered the arrest, thinking it was his first night.

The information specifies that “in the same way that I discovered that my staff, friends and collaborators did their best that night to persuade the authorities to extend the schedule so that they could please the audience who invested them to see I sing as usual, but it was not possible to do so”.

El Basati, as he’s also known, emphasized that both his Santiago fans and fans in general know that “when it’s my turn to sing for them, it’s until the sun rises.”

He regretted the inconvenience this might cause to the attendees and admitted the feeling Doubly bad.

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So he explained it: “Firstly because of you, you are the reason for my existence in this artistic world, and secondly, because I went up on stage at 12:15 in the morning, as usual, believing the words of the organizers about the supposed permission. 4:00 in the morning.

Statement from Anthony Santos

In the video that went viral, one of the party attendees was heard saying, “It doesn’t matter who the mayembe but Tammo cheated, 200,000 pesos per table, an hour he sings and the musicians look at them, they ‘already’ gone” to the individual, said the individual in an annoyed tone. .

Clarifying this situation, the translator of “Voy pa ‘llá” made another long-awaited party, “Bazooka Christmas 2021” in Bani on Thursday, December 30, and there were no reports of any problems.

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