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Netflix: another blow to users!  This is the plan that the company is canceling

Netflix: another blow to users! This is the plan that the company is canceling

Netflix is ​​delivering another blow to its users by announcing that this cheap plan will no longer be available. Check out the controversy details

Netflix has used controversial measures in recent months to recover from its multimillion-dollar losses.

One of the most controversial measures was the cancellation of the use of joint accounts, which thousands of users around the world did not like, and Forcing them to pay an additional subscription.

Months ago, the company also announced that it would create a “cheaper” package, but that would include ads and in-content ads. A controversial procedure, but it was an affordable option for the narrowest pockets.

The “cheap” plan that will no longer be available

However, the bad news returns, because on July 19th Netflix announced that it was canceling its basic, cheaper — and ad-free — plan. So it will not be available to new users. The only possible option now would be forcibly subscribing to a more expensive subscription, or in any case choosing the “cheap” plan, but one with ads.

The economic plan, without ads, would not exist. Those who already have the subscription will not lose their existing benefits, but new users will They won’t have any other alternative than the cheap plan, but with publicity.

This, for now, has only happened in the US and UK. It is currently unknown if the procedure will be repeated in Mexico and Latin Americaas users were affected by the unexpected change of deposit of joint accounts.