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Natasha Klaus, the heroine of “Pasión de Gavilanes” turns up the temperature in front of the camera

Natasha Klaus, the heroine of “Pasión de Gavilanes” turns up the temperature in front of the camera

Natasha Klaus She is a famous Colombian actress best known internationally for her playing “Sarah Elizondo” in the telenovela “Hawk’s passionIn addition, he also participated in La Tormenta. At the age of 41, he turned the temperature up with an impressive photo that fell in love with his followers.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Klaus She participated in several series and trained as an actress at the prestigious Estudio XXI school under the direction of Maestro Paco Barreiro. Fame would come years later for the interpretation of one of the most important series of all time. Since her upbringing, the Cali-born has been starring in notable television series in both her country and Mexico.

Natasha Klaus became famous for the Pasyon de Gavilanes. Source: Instagram @natashaklauss27

In the past few days, the news Natasha Klaus She will marry for the third time to businessman Daniel Gomez, who flirted with the actress and they have been together for two years. Although the wedding was planned in the middle of last year, due to various problems, it was postponed and the ceremony will finally take place on June 17, which he described as special. The actress has two daughters, one of whom was with her first cousin Marcelo Greco. He confirmed that he had discussed the matter with his doctor and that the girl would be in good health.

Klaus He rose to fame for his leading role in Hawk’s passionThe series was a hit when it aired in 2003 and was later added to Netflix. This allowed telenovela fans to watch it again and relive the best moments. In addition, a second season has been added to this, which has already been on the podium since February of this year. The Colombian played the role of “Sarah Elizondo” and met her husband from the series, actor Michael Brown.

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on his Instagram account, Natasha Klaus She shared a photo where she is seen wearing a yellow jacket and bra below. Accompany it with a motivational phrase. This caught the attention of fans and raised the temperature, receiving more than 11 thousand likes. Did you have the protagonist of Pasyon de Gavilanes in such an interesting fashion?

Natasha Klaus raised the temperature. Source: Instagram @natashaklauss27