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Natti Natasha y Raphy Pina viven en una lujosa casa en Miami: así es su cocina, sala y alberca

Nati Natasha & Ravi Pena: The singer erases her Instagram mark | Famous

In the midst of the controversy over a video circulated on social media in which the producer is supposed to be seen inside a cell, his fiancée took measures that left many astonished.

Natty Natasha deletes what she owned on her Instagram

The reason for the Dominicans’ actions is not clear. Some artists tend to “clean up” their Instagram accounts as part of campaigns before release or work.

However, in the context surrounding the bass of urban music, there is the legal status that her fiancé is going through.

Goodbye Natasha Natasha It was uploaded the same day in the legal team of Ravi Pena who clarified that it was not the producer shown in the video that started spreading on the social networks of a man in a dungeon.

The translator has stopped recording activity on Instagram since her daughter’s father turned himself in to the bailiffs to be accepted into prison.

What happened to Natty’s daughter Natasha’s account on Instagram?

Contrary to the singer’s account, His daughter’s remains are intact. As of the morning of Wednesday, June 1, the contents were visible.

The most recent is a photo posted on Tuesday, May 24, the date of which Ravi Pena himself surrendered to the authorities: “see you soon ,” Read like a foot.

According to Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día, it is the singer who runs the girl’s account.

Natti Natasha’s Twitter profile has not registered any changes either. In it, the last activity was recorded on May 22.

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