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Natalia Jimenez: "Can I say Puerto Rico is a taxi...?"

Natalia Jimenez: “Can I say Puerto Rico is a taxi…?”

It’s a two-decade career backed by hits, awards and a musical maturity that shows his toughness in making an impression of excellence through his songs. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate, as well as excuses to do so with the complicity of your audience.

Not every artist can stand it Natalia Jimenez: Showing a vocal record that allows him, after 20 years, to play in different musical genres. The ease and mastery of the uninterrupted voice to rely on the audience chorus – typical of many preachers on stage – were elements that stood out during Saturday night in his first two performances at Coca-Cola Music Hall, in San Juan. On some occasions, fans would accompany her to sing, yes, but the interpreter did not lie down from the practice on her show.

The artist managed to dazzle with hilarity, gossip, and laughter at the start of her 20-year select tour. Thanks to her talent, the famous singer caused two hours of being on stage with a pleasant lightness and liveliness.

The show began at 9:10 with the theme of “Where will they go”, after childhood images were shown on screen, changing over time, and summoned when he sang in the streets of his native Spain to gain experience in music.

The Spanish translator showed off her explanatory power – right from the start – with hits like Me muero, Por ser tu mujer, Tú y yo, and Tan solo tú, with high notes dominating it without much effort. (Stephanie Rojas Rodriguez)

The musical tour included songs from his time at La Quinta Estación, as well as songs from his time as a soloist, a face that began in 2011 and includes record productions such as Creo en mí and two volumes of México de mi corazón, among others. Musical genres such as pop, rock, cumbia, folk, and regional Mexican were part of a variety of rhythms.

The Spanish translator showed off her explanatory power – right from the start – with hits like Me muero, Por ser tu mujer, Tú y yo, and Tan solo tú, with high notes dominating it without much effort. Also, in the mix of girl, doom and the ridiculous phrase of the week.

Good evening, Puerto Rico! I haven’t been here for a long time.” He said, “It is a great pleasure to open here the Coca-Cola Music Hall.” He added with remarkable emotion: “I am happy to celebrate 20 years of my career with you.” The artist had not sung on the island in a year 2019.

“What a better place than Puerto Rico to celebrate my 20 year career!” “Can I say Puerto Rico is a taxi…?” She laughed, acknowledging her concern about being censored. In 2019, she was heavily criticized when on Raymond and Friends she released several “Bad Words” during an interview.

“This song is for all the crazy people who still believe in love,” he said before performing Algo más, one of the favorites of the audience who witnessed the show.

As part of her most vibrant hits, she manages to captivate with songs like Daría, Que te Quiero and El Sol No Regresa, a song that propelled her to fame with La Quinta Estación.

“Thank you for always inspiring me, for supporting my compositions. This is one of the ones I wrote in my home, Pompeia, not knowing that Marc Anthony would sing it to me,” he revealed, Remembering Me, during many of his nighttime conversations that he took the opportunity to share tales , mainly about his career.

In the regional Mexican genre, one of her favourites, she was delighted with classics such as Costumbres, La gata in the rain, and Eternal Love and Forgotten, accompanied by mariachi musicians.

Self-valued messages are also part of his artistic purpose. Songs like Believe Me and Stay With It supported that intention once again.

Fashion lovers, change of clothes is another usual component of the artist’s shows. Clothing that reflected her penchant for elegance and glamor on stage were part of her collection. For the Mexico segment, he chose a classic combination, in black and white, to evoke the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Visual grading was based on a minimalist design, with a giant screen in the background. But Madrid, based in Miami, Florida, doesn’t need a bragging stage or fancy tech influences to make a fun imprint on a musical evening.

Natalia Jimenez will return on Sunday evening for a new encounter with her fans in Puerto Rico. After that, he will continue his tour of destinations in the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and his native Spain.

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