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Christian Nodal appears without a tattoo on his face

Christian Nodal appears without a tattoo on his face

Mexico City /

Christian Nodal He’s a talented Mexican regional musician, and his talent and life made him someone Currently popular. He’s been involved in a series of controversies since then Belinda breakup Who was his ex-fiancĂ©e?

Doctrinal has been severely criticized After completely changing his appearance when changing hair colour s get a tattoo Many of air conditionersa. This change of style caused memes and negative comments against it. However, he has now surprised many netizens when he allowed himself to be seen two years ago.

in that Instagram accountThe Mexican singer shared a video in his stories where he can be seen in his model hat, but what caught everyone’s attention is that he doesn’t have a tattoo on his face.

The question that hundreds of users began to ask on social networks such as Twitter is whether their lines on their faces have disappeared because of this. The face of my knot looks without a trace To have some kind of tattoo.

The singer wears a green filter For the image, however, it does not modify the other aspects.

Among the most distinctive theories of social networks is probably that It’s an old video It just appeared, there are also those who mentioned that it’s all thanks good makeup artist He managed to cover his face well.

In this regard No more details Neither the singer nor anyone from his team has talked about it, which raises even more expectations regarding the upcoming release of his audiovisual material.