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Deyvis Orosco defends his style with dark glasses: 'It's part of my identity'

Deyvis Orosco defends his style with dark glasses: ‘It’s part of my identity’

after, after My area of ​​Medina It made him the target of criticism for always wearing dark glasses, singer Davis Orosco He defended himself and explained his reasons for using this “look” featuring sunglasses.

“It’s a style from many years ago and I think that’s what’s being contributed here as well. The first thing that we artists have to be clear about is that we’re not the nuggets of gold that everyone likes,” he said during a media interview.

Similarly, the singers of songs such as “Botellita de ron” and “Fiesta” did not give much importance to the violations of My area of ​​Medina. On the contrary, he reaffirmed his style which he decided not to change despite what many believe.

“I have several years here in the middle, but there are two kinds of comments: those that can have a point, and those that are very funny, and those that are also malicious, and those that you realize are a part of; and I think everyone builds their own; that is, if you see My bus, my photo will appear with glasses because it is part of my identity”, indicated Davis Orosco.

Jessica Newton comes to the defense of Deyvis Orosco

Davis Orosco Singing and loving Jessica Newton said on Instagram that I admire him a lot as an artist.. Thank you for the great love.”

With the theme of background music “Don’t Think That Important,” the former beauty queen shared a video with photos of the artist in her stories; In the same position, he supported the musical career of his son-in-law, who recently presented his new song Fiesta with Janick Maceta.

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Regarding this version, My area of ​​Medina A few days ago, I wondered about the style and talent of the Grupo Néctar leader.

“It seems to me that Janek is very beautiful, she played an impressive role in Miss Universe, but Janek does not sing at all, she is just like Davis, because Davis does not sing at all, and she does not have the voice of her father. It is something I know but I did not want to tell her. Not to hurt feelings, because you already know what my mother-in-law looks like and I didn’t really want to fight with her,” said Medina, referring to his old friendship with Jessica Newton.

Cassandra Sánchez has found a replacement for Magali Medina: “We already have a godmother.”

In February of this year, My area of ​​Medina She refused to be the godmother to the son of a cumbia singer Davis Orosco He was with businesswoman Cassandra Sanchez de Lamadrid. However, as the daughter of Jessica Newton announced, they have already found a replacement for the famous “magpie”.

“We already have a godmother, her name is reserved, but she is a very close person, she is one of my best friends who lives abroad. Now we are focusing on everything positive and Milan is happy and surrounded by a lot of love,” he said. trum.

In four months son Davis Orosco and Cassandra Sanchez He will complete his first year. One aspect, she admitted, excited Jessica Newton, and she “plans every detail” of the celebration. “We still don’t know if he will be here or abroad,” he said.

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