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Evelyn Beltran hits Adamare Lopez with a white glove

Evelyn Beltran hits Adamare Lopez with a white glove

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after, after Adamari Lopez He shared a video a few days ago of him singing traditional “the morning” to his ex-wife Tony Costa, Currently Evelyn Beltran Hit Puerto Rico with a white glove She flaunts her boyfriend’s original birthday celebration.

through their social networks, The influencer shared her original celebration of the dancer’s birthday, Who just left “The House of the Famous”, as he always had in mind his beloved girlfriend, despite the courtship of the other participants.

in a clip, Evelyn Beltran explained how she surprised the Spaniard with a picnic on Miami Beach, As they enjoyed a romantic meal, they were enlivened by the soft notes of the sweet-of-the-moment violin.

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“I love you madly, I love you, I love you” These are the words you hear the toucher say during the romantic occasion, as Tony Costa takes her by the hand, smiles, and shares the magical occasion. In the clip, she was accompanied by the phrase: “We live our love story, Tony.”

in this way, Evelyn Beltran shows the whole world that she and the dancer are closer than ever And that speculation about possible fractures are just rumors that are far from reality.

We share the romantic celebration of Evelyn Beltran and Tony Costa:

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