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Nahuel Guzman throws something at Reyadas

Nahuel Guzman throws something at Reyadas

On social media, a video of the Tigres player throwing something at the players at the end of the warm-up period was shared.

A goal keeper tigersAnd Nahuel Guzman, once again presented what can be said about the situation he was in before the final match for the return of women between Amazon and SchemeBecause the Argentine threw something in the opposing team’s direction.

The goalkeeper was present at the University Stadium to observe the final match between the two teams at court level while the two teams warmed up.

peak moment that Nahuel Guzman He said what to talk about when he approached his hand with a white object and threw it in the direction of the opposing team.

the thing you threw Nahuel Guzman It didn’t reach the competitive players but it stayed at the level of the large area.

The movement of ‘Patón’ was captured by fans who were present at the property and began uploading it to social networks, where he was questioned by rival fans, while supporters of the local team defended him.

This is another chapter starring the Argentine goalkeeper, who adds a list of questionable acts that have been punished on several occasions, as many others get away with.

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Goalkeeper and team tigers He is still on vacation after being eliminated in the Liga MX semi-finals. This Monday he will report on the Star Fund under the orders of Miguel Herrera.

Another member of the first team was “Piojo” Herrera himself, who was in one of the “Volcán” chests.