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Details of Sebastian Cordova's agreement with the Tigers

Details of Sebastian Cordova’s agreement with the Tigers

Monday 20 December 2021

In the absence of an official statement via social media, Sebastian Cordova He’s a new player tigers Opposite Clausura Championship 2022, after not entering into plans Santiago Solari, Technical America Club, due to his poor football performance since the Board of Directors headed by the Sports President, Santiago Banos, he assigned the historical number “10”.

According to information from Fox Sports correspondent Carlos Rodrigo Hernandez, the Mexican midfielder has signed four years with the team that belongs to San Nicolas de los HeroesAnd new lion, by order of Miguel Herrera, who knows him well after taking him out in his time with the Eagles.

Sebastian Cordova should get a place in the starting line-up

It is worth noting that the table the cats He has one of the best teams in the most extreme Mexican football circuit, so the competition for a place in the starting eleven will be fierce, as ‘louse’ He has in the midfield mainly: Guido BizarroAnd Juan Pablo VigonAnd Rafael Carioca It is included Jesus Dueñas, who also plays as a winger.

What happened to the exchange with Chivas?

Note that at first there was talk of an exchange with Chivas Riadas from Guadalajara, where Uriel Antuna also shared; However, the negotiations did not reach good terms due to the high salaries of both elements, although both Club America and holy flock They were criticized for their intentions.

Now Sebastian Cordova’s main goal will be to resume his level, the same he has lost since his participation in Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where is the Mexican national team He took the bronze medal after beating Japan, the 24-year-old being a key piece in the chart Jaime Lozano.

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