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Muhammad could be punished for wearing a Virgin of Guadalupe shirt

Muhammad could be punished for wearing a Virgin of Guadalupe shirt

the Defeat UNAM Pumas Against Rayados de Monterrey It may not be my only regret. Antonio Muhammad. Well, everything points to the Argentine coach You will be punished On the one hand Mexican Football Federation (FMF) for failure to adhere to the dress code.

Possible punishment for Muhammad

he Turki Mohammed He went out to the field University Olympic Stadium holds a Virgin of Guadalupe T-Shirt. However, even though this act may seem harmless Non-compliance with Article 41 From the FMF regulations, which state that “religious messages may not be displayed” by players and technical staff.

he Article 41 of the Foreign Military Financing Regulations It states: “Players and/or members of the coaching staff may not display tattoos, images of matches, political or commercial campaigns, logos or advertisements (except trademarks authorized by the club on uniforms), Political, religious or personal messages printed on any surfaceWhether it’s the clothes you wear or anything else. Likewise, it is prohibited for players to use it Masks, hats or hats“.

If so Very likely To open a folder for punishment strategic From university students. The regulations also indicate that if acts of this type are repeated four or more times, they may be punished with a penalty Match suspension.

“Players and/or members of the coaching staff who commit this foul, due to any of the above-mentioned behaviours, will be punished with a penalty kick. Fine 500 UMA the first timeWhoever violates this rule 1000 UMA per second time and 3000 UMA for the third timeThe violator may be suspended for one match if he commits the offense for the fourth or more time. To punish recidivism, the violation contained in this article will be charged for each season.”