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Mr. Chip fights with Fettleson: 'You see it all as bullshit'

Mr. Chip fights with Fettleson: ‘You see it all as bullshit’

Mexico City /

much David Fittelson’s review The next day CONCACAF Gold Cupby describing it as a “useless tournament” whose sole purpose is to “make money”, Filled the patience of Mr. Chip, the famous Spanish statesman who spoke on social media with the Mexican journalist, accusing him – in a few words – of bitterness and complaint.

It all started when the caller was from José Ramon Fernandez School Roar against the highest championship in North and Central America and the CaribbeanEspecially after watching the European Cup and America’s Cup.

At that time, Alexis Martín Tamayo (Mr. Chip to friends) on Twitter, noting “Everything looks like shit to him.” When it comes to CONCACAF and even wondered if he “chosen well” in the media, ie Vittleson He replied harshly that he “won’t teach you what it means to be a journalist.”.

Battle of Mr. Chip and Faitelson

And lest they say we’re “inventing lawsuits”, here are the tweets Spaniards and Mexicans exchanged, all because gold cup, By the way Starts on July 10 with the Mexican national team As the title’s best favourite, while The United States will assist with a replacement team.

Uh! And in case you didn’t know, Faitelson and Mister Chip work for ESPN, although they practically did not meet in the programs.